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Ika Irete Never reveal the secrets that save you from the enemy!

Ika irete revenge

in the village habitaThere was a hunter who was in charge of exterminating all the elephants in the area.

This man was a being full of melancholy and resentment, and having indiscriminately exhausted the source of his earnings, he had no choice but to sit in the doorway of his house to listen to old stories and watch the time go by.

Their spears were then thrown in a corner of the house suffering the wrongs of oblivion and pain.

Pataki where the hunter revealed his power and thus took revenge

One day the man could no longer bear his condition and decided to go to other distant lands to continue to carry out the extermination of elephants, a fact that gave him great pleasure.

After a long walk, he ran into the oldest of the elephants, who, blinded by the years, was soaking in a pond.

Without thinking, he launched one of his arrows, granting him the misfortune of suffering imminent death.  

When the news reached the ears of the elephant's daughter, she asked orunmila the opportunity to become a beautiful young woman and thus be able to avenge the death of her father, a request to which the Ifá oracle promptly agreed.  

After a long walk through the forest, the woman found the hunter, as it was at night, she asked him for shelter and he, knowing that she was young and beautiful, allowed her to pass.

She asked him what his job was, to which the ruthless man replied:

To be the best elephant hunter humanity has ever seen.

The man reciprocated with the question, so the young woman confessed to having left home with her father, but on the way to her destination having been victims of the hands of a murderer.

Who spared his life for the simple fact of having ignored his presence, luck with which his father had not suffered, who had perished on the spot.

When vanity and pride reign, reason is clouded

to the mañaThe following day, when the young woman was about to leave, the hunter interrupted her, preventing her from leaving the house and, failing that, he proposed that she marry him because they were both alone in the world and in this way they would keep each other company.

From that moment they began to live together.

  • One night the young woman asked the hunter what was his secret to defeat an elephant, this swollen with pride confessed all his tricks.

During the night the beautiful young woman left the cabaña and went into the forest taking its original form.

When the man woke up, he desperately went looking for her and instead found an elephant, he drew his spear to attack her, but in the blink of an eye the elephant's daughter had annihilated him using her own tricks, managing to avenge her father.

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