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Ika Irete won the War against her Enemies. Whoever makes it pays!

Ika Irete and her enemies

Ika Irete lived under the shadow of the blessings of Yemaya y Shango who protected him from osogbos and adversities.

This was a man with much I will go for that is why each company in which he entered was triumphant.

A fact that had earned him both fame and envy from his enemies, who cursed and secretly stalked him in order to harm him.

Pataki where Ika Irete is saved from hexes with the help of the Orishas

Due to the continuous bad desires to which he was subjected, he lived under some discomforts, ailments that he could only take away Oyá Yansa.

But this saint had left this land due to an upset she had had with Yemayá and Shango.

On one occasion Ika Irete went to visit orunmila so that it could help him decipher the reasons for his ailments.

The soothsayer consulted him by marking the realization of an ebbó where he had to sacrifice a hen, a dove and a rooster at the door of the cemetery. eggun, who would show him the truth about what was happening to him.

Orula marks an ebo and Oyá makes a pact with Eggun

When the man arrived at the cemetery, his enemies were waiting for him, before he could perform the sacrifice, his opponents treacherously knocked him down, losing consciousness.

As the days passed, Shangó and Yemayá worried because their son did not return from the domains of Oyá, then they set out on the road to look for him. 

Upon reaching the cemetery, the Orishas realized that Ika Irete was dying.

They took it by transferring it to the shade of an Acacia plant.

Oyá, who had taken care of the individual when seeing him in such a state began to invoke the dead, making the sacrifice to them with the rooster, the hen and the dove, establishing a pact between them and Ika Irete.

Sooner or later divine justice arrives and makes the guilty pay

Yansá explained to the man that with the ceremony carried out, he would never be defeated by his enemies.

Once recovered, he returned to his village, his opponents were upset to see him alive and in good health.

Then it happened that they began to fall ill with the same ailments that in the past caused Ika Irete, falling behind in life and being left in misery as a punishment for envy and the bad intentions that they carried inside and that were nothing more than a sign of their unhappiness and their own weaknesses.

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