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Ika Iwori: Man learned to use wisdom and to stay oriented


The quail is the animal through which the Osha-Ifá rule represents Ika Iwori.

A bird that despite being small is very lively and fast.

The quail is closely related to Oshún, Orisha owner of the maternity, the beauty and the honey of bees therefore the religious ruled under this odun owes respect to the saint and her children.

The person in this letter must live alert, because the enemies will be hovering to attack her when she is unprepared.

Marriage can be dissolved due to disharmony

Ika Iwori marks marital disunity, as the spouses are fighting even without a real motive.

This situation must change so that there is peace in your home and your relationship does not end up dissolving.

You must change your way of being and learn to give in on occasions, attend the foot of Orunmila so that the Ifá oracle shows you a solution to your problems.

The osogbos of the sign and how to prevent them

The osogbo of this odun de Ifá is found in selfishness and lies, defects that you should avoid suffering at all costs.

You must learn to keep your secrets better and not leave papers or objects that you do not want to be known to anyone in public.

The religious governed by this Ifá must know the value of silence and the importance of it to avoid the emergence of conflicts.

The sense of direction was born in Ika Iwori

In Ika Iwori, the echolocation that bats use to orient themselves was born.

You must act the same as these mammals, because, although they do not have much visual acuity, they rely on orientation so as not to perish in the fulfillment of their missions.

The individual in this letter is a lover of the night, although Ifá recommends that he not walk late in the street to avoid the appearance of an arayé on his way. 

The white elephant manifests in Ika Iwori

For this Ifá you must make a pact with Elegguá to always keep the roads open and offer offerings in gratitude for all the blessings received from the Orisha.

The white elephant is manifested in this sign, relating that you are a person who draws the attention of those around you and that you have an extraordinary mind which you must employ in the realization of good and study.

The elephant in turn represents:

  • Wisdom and
  • the majesty.

Be careful with fire, because in this letter the person is prone to accidents mediated by the candle.

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