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Find out more about Ika Oshe, a sign where you get ahead with effort

Ika Oshe sign

Under this letter was born the power of the blessed word of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá, where their predictions began to be fulfilled faster and faster.

In this letter, special care must be given to spirituality, because through Eggún's word great things will be achieved.

Sign where cotton and corojo had a fight

The color that brings I will go to Ika Oshe is white, because in the past for this odun the corojo and the cotton had a fight and by virtue of the victory of the cotton, Olofin determined that when the man dressed in white he would win all his wars.

In Ika Oshe Elegguá provides the iré

In the sign Ika Oshe Elegguá is a holy bulwark, in which it is necessary to lean on to get ahead.

This is put on adimus and ebbó is performed on it to get rid of the bad and keep the path clear.

This Orisha is in charge of attracting to your door the I will, much greater than it will come disguised in multiple ways.

Thus, never despise any human being that arrives at the door of your home, because not everyone who comes to you will do so with bad intentions.

Through this letter, giving food to others becomes ebbó and charity at the same time, it is necessary in Ika Oshe not to be selfish to win.

Fingers are helpful, but none are the same

In this Ifá the fingers and toes were born, where all are useful, but none is the same or fulfills the same function.

This fact is a biological feature of human evolution, where it is necessary to leave behind the old harmful customs to go in search of a better future.

As this letter warns, care must be taken when handling knives and sharp objects, as it marks the loss of one of the fingers.

The fingers of the hand represent the grip of luck and the toes the stability.

Do you know the amulet of the sign Ika Oshe?

Coral is a protective amulet in Ika Oshe, where through the intercession of Oshun the person achieves great things.

Ifá warns you to pay special attention to ailments related to the heart and the circulatory system, as you often suffer from diseases that damage this organic system.

Odun of sacrifice, difficulties and a lot of work

Odun where the religious is exhorted not to feel frustrated by his problems, encouraging him not to let himself be overcome by them, because with the help of the Orishas he will be able to get ahead.

This letter talks about a person who has gone through many situations in life.

It is a sign of sacrifice and effort, where at the end of the day the fruits can be seen, although at first glance they are seen as distant. 

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