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Ejiogbe: Why is the Ram tied to the Rope and is tied to the Pole?

Ikú in Ejiogbe

When Constitution he was going to hold a meeting to clarify decisive issues, he always invited his daughter to participate in it.

Who was a very intelligent young woman capable of contributing fresh ideas to the strategies by which humanity was governed.

Iku (death), who regularly attended these meetings met Olofin's daughter, and was struck by her.

In this way, between the exchange of ideas and smiles, the love between them emerged.

Then Iku was forced to ask for the hand of Olofin's daughter in marriage.

Pataki where traitors are taught the true value of friendship

When the Orisha saw that his daughter's husband was to be Iku, he was shocked, but since he should not make differences between his children, he gave her in marriage.

Not without first putting a condition on it, which was that he should bring a hundred heads to his feet if he wanted to show that he was in love.

Iku, who thought that such a number of heads was a great sacrifice, proposed that he would better bring him one that would be worth all the previous ones, referring to the life of the stick who was very correct and virtuous.

To fulfill his mission, Ikú requested the help of the ram and the rope who were his friends, proposing a high reward if they brought the stick before him.

In this way the ram set off in search of the stick.

El Palo is consulted at the foot of Orula and receives powerful advice

When he got home, he started calling him, seeing that no one answered his request, he returned home.

Sin knowing that that mañana el palo had been consulted with orunmila and he had warned him that once he closed the door of his house he should not open it to anyone, because his person was being stalked by many dangers.

The next day the rope went to the house of the stick to capture it and thus collect the reward promised by Iku.

The rope who already knew the foregoing used a strategy that the stick could not resist and once he was at the door of his house he pretended to faint.

When the stick saw his friend on the ground, he ran to help him, then the ram surprised him and between the two they locked him in a box.

Olofi punishes false friends for their betrayal

On the way to Iku's house, the false friends were savoring their reward.

Iku granted his gratitude to the ram and the rope and left for the Olofin palace to give him the tribute that would make him worthy of marrying the descendant of the Orisha.

Since that day due to the betrayal of false friends, Olofin implemented the law that the ram is tied to the rope and is to the stick, in order for traitors to understand the true value of friendship.

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