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The Iku Foundation was born in Ogbe Osa. Do you know this Pataki Yoruba?

Iku in Ogbe Osa

It happened that the deceased were not buried on earth, so there was a fetid air full of pollution and epidemics.

People began to get sick and mortality rose considerably.

Pataki where the priest did not follow the advice of his elders and was punished

At that time there was an Ifá priest who lived with his godmother, she always warned him about the dangers that lay ahead of him.

One day while they were in the town square, she noticed her godson looking at one of the young girls in the town.

And he advised him not to set his eyes on her, as their union would not bring good things in his destiny.

When her godmother saw that the oluo had fallen in love, she went to see the godfather of the young woman who was oduwaWhen he found out what had happened, he was greatly annoyed and was enraged.

Then the godfather called his protégé and warned him that he would consecrate her in the secrets of the religious foundation of Ikú (Death) so that in this way the religion would grow and develop in that land.

The young woman who did not want to be far from her lover asked Oduwa to consecrate him also on the foundation.

A request that the Orisha accepted as long as the oluo first asked Olofin for permission before executing that decision.

The mission of our elders is to guide us and our responsibility is to follow them!

The Ifá priest did not consult Olofin and left for the consecration.

When the ceremony began, Olofin from heaven observed the lack of respect that was committed against him, and decided to curse the babalawo who from that day began to experience difficulties.

Her godmother, seeing what was happening, ran to beg Olofin, whom she managed to convince.

  • The Orisha then demanded that if he wanted to obtain his forgiveness he should build a place to place the deceased in order to eradicate unsanitary conditions and epidemics.

From that moment, the foundation of Ikú arose and the secrets of the Eggun world among the orishas Oyá, Yewa and Yembo.

The cemetery was erected as a setting for Ikú to reign and the pertinent religious rituals were carried out with the spirits.

Religious advice of this sign: Ogbe Osa

In this odun the religious is advised to ask for the blessing and advice of his elders and to keep due respect towards the Orishas as they are the guide in the Yoruba Religion.

In Ogbe Osa it is recommended to attend the spiritual field specifically to the family members and those belonging to the spiritual cord who will take action on behalf of the person.

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