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How did the 3 men get rid of Iku? ► The Ebbó is our salvation

Iku in Ogbe Wale

The pataki ruled by the Ogbe Wale sign relates that there were three men who were far behind in life, misfortune accompanied themañaHe went everywhere perennially, without being able to achieve any company.

For this reason they came before orunmila so that he would advise them what to do to change their luck.

Pataki where the council of Orula and the power of the Ebbó drive away Ikú

Orula, upon seeing them arrive, registered them marking the accomplishment of an ebbó, because for this odun death persecuted them to take them early to the kingdom of heaven.

Fact that should be avoided at all costs because it was not his time to leave earth.

The ebbó required the sacrifice of three rams, so the men began to search for them, finding only one for all.

Doubtful if the work could be carried out or not with a single animal, the religious set out on the road to Orula's house.

Along the way the three men were arguing to see which one should be saved and which should die.

Without being able to agree, they arrived at the house of the great Ifá oracle, who, upon seeing what was happening, explained to them that he would try to find a solution to their problem, without the need for any of them to be harmed.

Orula took a rope and tied the three men together, sacrificing the ram on their heads.

And in this way everyone performed the marked ebbó, thus being able to get rid of an early death.

Ifá tips for this pataki by Ogbe Wale

When the religious consults with a Babalawo and obtains the Ogbe Wale odun, Ifá recommends doing ebbó to save himself.

This story exposes the presence of three individuals fighting for the same goal, noting this lawsuits and rudeness between them.

In the same way, the person can be involved in a situation in which they will have to decide between three paths or opportunities that, if they make a wrong decision, will mean the end of the luck provided by Orunmila irreversibly.

This Ifá warns of a precipitated death due to disobedience, so the religious is exhorted to first comply with the Orishas if he wishes to receive their blessing and help.

Through this pataki there is also talk of a union that can arise between several people to achieve a specific purpose where everyone will benefit.

At the same time it marks a change in life where the person will stop being behind and will begin to prosper following the advice of Ifá.

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