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Iku, the entity that brings the souls of men before Olofin


Iku It is the name with which death is represented in the Yoruba Pantheon.

History collects it as one of the most controversial and controversial supernatural forces, as it is in charge of searching for the souls of men at the end of their earthly existence.

It is a transformist entity, since it has the power to adopt the appearance that it likes, it is usually represented as a human skeleton covered by a black toga which protects a guad in its arms.aña.

The Grim Reaper, the name by which it is known in other cultures, strictly complies with Olofin's orders, guards the souls and delivers them to him, in order for Olodumare to judge whether they deserve to go to Ará Orún or if they must return to Aivé until they are finished. its purpose.

Before taking the spirits with you, Iku He must find a way to access the dwelling, it penetrates into its interior through holes, broken objects and half-open entrances.

Pataki on Ikú La Muerte  

At the beginning of time all men who habitaBan the world ignored the existence of death, when the resources for subsistence began to be scarce, the youngest complained to Olofin because they believed that the first humans had already lived long enough.

Before such request the Creator summoned Oyá the Orisha of the spark to whom he asked to find death and take her to the men and she refused because she did not believe that it was fair to deprive the inhabitants of life without a substantial reason.

Then Olofin asked Babalu Aye that accompaniedañawould order Arun and his brothers to the earthly plane and that they would only be taken to Olodumare those who suffered from their ills.

Ikú was an Orisha, as a result of her arrogance she was stripped of this privilege, which caused the Ajogún or Soldiers of Evil to lead some of these known under the names of aro, ofo and akobá.

The truth is that it has been pointed out and hated by many because no human being is prepared to let a loved one go, for others Iku is the sweet consolation that the pain of terminal illnesses has come to an end and in this way they can rest in peace.

The influence of his offspring on the human race

His children are, Arun who represents the disease, the second is Tau who personifies the discomfort and his minor descendant is Avuvo identified as the fever, they are in charge of starting the task that his mother will later complete.

The ildé of Orula and Ikú

Legend has it that Ikú prowled the earth destroying all the souls that he encountered.

orunmila The great soothsayer, upon noticing this event, marked his children with a necklace and an ildé of green and yellow beads and made a pact with death, telling him that he should respect the lives of those who wore this representation until the moment when Olofin dictated that they give their last breath.

Agreement that was respected by it and that continues to this day.

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