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A beautiful representation dedicated to the Saint Orisha Babalú Ayé in his day

Image of San Lázaro santeria

San Lázaro is Babalú, Babalú Ayé is the old man Lázaro, and he comes with his crooked feet, clasping his hands and bending his spine, he arrives lame, leper, humble, but haughty.

He is dragging crutches, full of pustules and scabs, the dogs lick his sores, his is the butter and the millet broom with the handle of black and purple beads.

The Saint emanates power, the Orisha comes with his Ashé, with his power object the palm of corojos or coconuts, and his blessed palm branch with a piece of tied sack adorning, exalting snail shells.

Flies and mosquitoes are his messengers, he has a metal or mother-of-pearl handle, his curtains are made of jute, a material that represents him. He sleeps in gates and portals, so feared and respected, righteous with whom he complies, vindictive with whom he fails.

Justice goes by his hand, what is offered to him he demands, he kills with gangrene, syphilis, leprosy, punishes by garroting... he punishes with the same pain he suffered and blesses with the light that accompanies him.aña.

Pilgrim of roads that habita in clay pots covered with another pot and both have holes to feed, they cannot be uncovered out of respect and by their law.

The saint and the orisha like the apasote, the custard apple, the pigeon pea and all the beans, the peanuts, sesame, and the broom, the bread, the corn on the cob.

The Cañas bravas blessed them that's why lightning doesn't strike them. Babalú Ayé pities and relieves, heals her children, she knows that the love she suffers from is better than that of the one who is smiling.

And from the heart and with great faith Saint Lazarus is venerated ...

For this day and in honor of the Holy Orisha, many devotees prepare their offerings, pay promises, appreciate miracles ... and so did Lázaro, a young 18-year-old dancer who for the love of religion and his roots represents the deity, who today December 17 we celebrate, the blessed old Lázaro and Babalu Aye.

He has also made other representations dedicated to the Orishas with the costumes, elements and objects of power that define the deities, among them, Oggun, Yemayá, Oshún, Oyá Yanza, and today he gives us the miraculous old man.

And it does not go unnoticed that this young man who runs through his veins great faith and spirituality, is called after the saint and just today turns 18. A great blessing.

Lázaro tells us:

I was motivated first of all by my faith, my hope, my need to give off energy towards all the good and great that exists in this world, and my attraction to this religion and the desire to fight for what I want.

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Representation of Saint Lazarus

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