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«A Basil Incense» To attract Good Luck and Happiness

Basil incense

Basil is one of the most powerful herbs, considered in many places sacred. It is native to the East, native to India and Iran, but its cultivation has spread to most areas of the planet.

It has been used since ancient times to combat evil spirits, and to attract joy, confidence, happiness, luck and abundance easily and simply.

The ancient Celts had the conviction that where basil grows there is a dragon that guards the powerful energy of the place and symbolizes luck and fortune.

Legends tell that they burned basil as incense to call the dragons, who had the power of wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

Basil is a plant with important properties for the mind and spirit:

Basil spiritual meaning
Ocimum basilicum popularly called basil or alhábega

For example, let's see some of its properties that offer us many benefits:

  • Combat mental and emotional stress.
  • Clears the mind of negative ideas and brings clarity for new projects
  • Strengthens the decision-making capacity.

Let's activate material prosperity with the "Incense of Albahacat"

Basil plant for incenses and oils
Basil plant and oils

Basil has been used for hundreds of years in the form of incense and is currently used in the same way to attract success to our lives and ward off bad luck.

It is strongly linked to the good vibes in business and in everything related to money.

That is why it is always good to place basil incense in our home or in our workplace to attract luck and material prosperity.

This incense is also used to cleanse bad energies and for love and protection spells, although its main function is good luck.

It is powerful to break witchcraft spells and to attract happiness, direct and positive decisions.

As we can protect home with basil?

Spreading the scent of basil banishes the bad vibes from any physical space and attracts luck and prosperity.

This fragrance can also help us overcome problems of love and sadness.

This incense powerfully removes negativity from our life and at the same time protects from bad looks or envy, as well as counteracting all kinds of spells.

We can use the basil incense in the following way:

  1. We place the incense while we clean the home or business, ritual baths to purify the body or simply when we feel bad energy.
  2. The smoke that emanates from the incense will clean the spaces and attract good luck.
  3. You can use it while you work, study or rest, in this way the environment will flow better for you and your family.

Other powerful incenses that will help you:

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