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Amber Incense and its great properties to "overcome obstacles"

Amber incense properties

The scent of amber is powerful, ancient and very spiritual, and connects us with the innermost part of ourselves.

This smell is capable of transporting us back in time to a moment in our past that we no longer remembered and has been used by Humanity since ancient times.

Amber has special properties, which we must know so that, in addition to enjoying its aroma, taking advantage of its characteristics to improve our lives, and have greater well-being in all aspects.

Do you know what amber is? This is a fossilized resin of plant origin, this natural element comes mainly from the remains of some species of trees and plants. 

Amber scent: Excellent properties and benefits

Natural amber on a tree
Natural amber on a tree

Natural aphrodisiac to activate love:

The aroma of amber incense is a powerful aphrodisiac, which can act on both men and women. But, in addition, it has among its properties to provide us with physical strength and increase our energy levels.

Also this powerful fragrance influences our state, giving us serenity and calling for prosperity. It is excellent for beating obstacles in life and providing fidelity in love.

Strengthens concentration and decision making:

The aroma of amber can be used for therapeutic purposes or for meditation, as it is sweet, woody and penetrating, so it will help us to concentrate and enhance our best ideas.

Improve personal relationships:

Amber incense has an aroma that lifts all kinds of spirits, in addition to improving relationships between people and the safety of each one. That is why it is said to be excellent for people who suffer from shyness or reluctance.

Its particular aroma has powers to:

  • enhance dialogue and make it easy for us to express ourselves on any subject,
  • eliminate insecurity of character,
  • help communication flow.

The fragrance will allow us to say what we think and to act at the right time, achieving our objectives or goals.

If you want to lose your fear and gain momentum, use el amber incense!

Through the fragrance that the amber incense gives off, we will take action and overcome obstacles and we will be driven and motivated to complete any project or idea in our minds.

This incense also helps to display creativity and lift your spirits. It gives positive energy, will, and takes away fear and insecurity.

Amber is the aroma for a positive mind or winning mind, since it purifies us of selfishness, bad habits or vices, laziness and inactivity in all aspects.

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