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Do you know the powers of Rosemary Incense? Learn how to do it!

Rosemary incense

Rosemary is one of the most common plants that we can find in homes and gardens, but it is also a spiritual element associated with white magic and rituals to banish negative energy and evil spirits.

Its uses are linked to the revitalizing effect generated by its aroma, especially when its dry leaves are burned, or it is placed in the form of incense in the leaves.abitations of the house or our place of work.

This plant has cleansing and purifying properties and when its aroma spreads, it generates a positive and relaxed environment and neutralizes bad energies.

Its smell is strong, particular and is said to increase memory by up to 60-75%.

That is, it would encourage memories of the past, but also the power to remember everyday things such as dates, tasks, places where things are left.

«“Rosemary incense” in history and its meaning

Rosemary incense meaning
Rosemary plant

In addition, we must bear in mind that rosemary is one of the oldest incenses and when burned it emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations of negative forces.

For this reason, rosemary incense has been used in Europe and Australia as a symbol for the commemoration of weddings, war and funerals and many times it was allowed to burn in the tomb of the dead to assure them a peaceful rest.

Since ancient Greece and Rome the aroma of rosemary incense has had a symbolic meaning and has been given special powers and it is said that students placed it in their habitations before exams to boost memory.

This element also possesses spiritual powers to provide:

  • Protection,
  • love and sexual desire,
  • mental powers,
  • dream and youth,
  • that would destroy hexes and
  • It would ward off the bad vibe.

Do you want to make a rosemary incense home?

Homemade rosemary incense

It is very simple to do and the results will be wonderful.

  1. First you must cut some branches of this powerful plant, and you must let them dry.
  2. You can leave it between 24 or 48 hours to rest.
  3. Choose a container in which you can smoke the herb, it can be metal or clay for example. You can also choose a closed container with holes intended for these purposes.
  4. Then you place the twigs on top of the container and voila, you light them carefully with a match or match.

The scent it gives off is magical. You can place it in the habitations of the house or spread the smoke inside your home.

When you go to perform spiritual cleansings in your home or business you can also turn it on to help clear negative and dark energies.

Cures and cleanings with the magical "rosemary"

Rosemary incense is also healing and is excellent for the relief of:

  • respiratory problems
  • Stomach problems
  • headache
  • premenstrual pain

Faced with these ailments, it is good to place in our habitation a rosemary incense so that the intense aroma drives away the symptoms.

In addition, the aroma is used in home cleaning, to ward off negative energy and make the good vibes take over every corner.

A scent that increases memory!

Its smell certainly helps concentration when we have a difficult task ahead of us, which is why many people use it when it comes to studying or when they want to remember something particularly complicated.

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