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Ruda's incense How to use it to make the bad go away?

Rue incense

IncenseIn some cultures, it is considered sacred and is used as a tool to bring peace and tranquility to houses and to different physical spaces.

This powerful element is always used to improve mental well-being and help to rest the mind and also to purify the soul and achieve a better connection with the spiritual plane.

The fact is that today, we use incense as a form of expression and as a way to connect with the good vibes and our energy, identifying with one or another aroma depending on our mood.

There are also some types of incenses according to their shape, for example:

  • Incense sticks, whose aroma diffuses slowly, in such a way that it permeates the room without us hardly noticing.
  • cone-shaped It is also marketed, whose aroma spreads quickly and is advisable for habitawide tions,
  • o spiral shaped, which takes about 2 hours to fully use up.

Attracting “good vibes” with Rue Incense

Rue plant for incense
Rue plant

There are many incense scents that we can choose according to our preferences and the use we want to give it. Although we must know that all aromas will contribute to bring peace and well-being to our home and mind.

If we choose rue incense, we must know that it has numerous healing properties that ward off negative energies and can help us get out of a bad stage in our life.

In addition, its medicinal and relaxing properties provide peace and tranquility.

Protects us from dark energies

Rue incense is capable of forming a protective shield around us, so that peace reigns and evil desires and evil spirits do not penetrate.

Purify and heal negative thoughts

Rue also favors the purification of the mind and spirit, making the bad vibrations that attack the thoughts and turn them negative disappear.

Against the evil eye and bad sleep

Many are those who indicate that the incense of rue is equally feasible to combat envy, bad eyes and episodes of insomnia, all results of the bad vibes that accumulate around us.

We also use rue incense when we want to attract good luck and prosperity for our businesses.

¿How to use rue incense?

To use rue incense in the best possible way and optimize the results we must, firstly, know the place we want to protect.

We can buy it in different ways as we explained before or we can:

Hmake a natural and homemade rue incense

You just have to take a few twigs of the rue plant and place it in a container to be able to burn them. Keep in mind that the plant must be dry, to do this, let it rest for 24 to 48 hours.

Then the smoke that emanates will serve to spread it throughout all the spaces that we want to purify.

4 Simple steps to use incense against evil:

  1. We must close all the windows
  2. Incense is placed in the center of the house and allowed to burn until the end.
  3. We can also place a rod in each habitation so that the aroma permeates every corner.
  4. Once the incenses are finished, the doors and windows are opened so that the bad vibes go away and new and positive energies enter.

This procedure can be done as many times as necessary, in order to ensure that positive energy travels through our home.

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