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Are you feeling stressed? Light a sandalwood incense and fill yourself with peace

Sandalwood incense meaning

Incense, is a historical ritual element, which always represents peace, spiritual connection and the search for better vibes.

The so-called incense ceremony in Japan is one of the first recorded uses of this element, and it began to take place among aristocrats and upper-class samurai.

It was shared with the tea ceremony and the objective of both was to connect with the spiritual world and purify the soul, to protect its aura in combat.

Today, the use of incense has varied, but it has not lost its link with spirituality.

There are many scents of incense, linked to the search for tranquility, peace and well-being, which can be used depending on our qualities and the particular sphere that we want to promote.

For example ... Did you know that sandalwood incense has great significance? It also provides us with calm and warmth, relief in moments of nerves and anguish.

What benefits does the Sandalwood? Calm and warmth

Sandalwood plant
Sandalwood plant, its scientific name is Santalum album

Sandalwood It is a highly sought after botanical species, not only for its aroma, but for its beneficial medicinal and spiritual properties.

Sandalwood essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its revitalizing fragrance, but this plant also has medicinal properties such as:

  • Antiseptic
  • Diuretic
  • Venotonic.

Its powerful fragrance used in incense is revitalizing and is intended to lift your spirits, and even relieve lung congestion.

Sandalwood incense transmits warmth in the environment and helps to maintain calm and a lot of inner peace.

Do you know when to use the Sandalwood incense? Know its meaning

Sandalwood Incense
Incense in the form of "bundles of herbs"

Has relaxing effects

As we explained, the main quality of sandalwood incense is its relaxing effect, which facilitates communication between people, good humor and extroversion, so placing this element at home or in the workplace will help maintain a dialogue. fruitful.

Sandalwood also enhances mental abilities, and is excellent for studying, as it facilitates our concentration and learning.

Fight stress and anxiety

In addition, the relaxing aroma prevents us from falling into a state of mind of a lot of stress and anxiety, as it reduces the alteration and takes away the bad vibes, leaving instead, purity, calm and light.

Likewise, it relieves moments of nervousness or uncertainty by enhancing tranquility.

Improves sleep and allows better rest

The balsamic aroma of sandalwood can also improve sleep, because if we sleep in a calm and relaxed environment, we rest better.

When you turn on a Sandalwood incense keep in mind:

Incense spiritual meaning
  • You can spread the smoke throughout the house so that the good energies flow.
  • It is preferable that your home or the space where you use it is clean and organized so that everything will flow better.
  • You can place it in a habitation where you feel the heaviest energies are.
  • Whether it is stick incense, a homemade one or in the form of a bundle you can use them to purify your home or business, always with a lot of spirituality the results will be great.

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