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Palo Santo Incense «Strong protection against negative energy»

Incense palo santo

Did you know Incense enhances balance in our life and amplifies the flow of good energy so that our home is filled with the best qualities and thus we open ourselves to opportunities for personal growth?

You are right, incense It has important purifying and protective powers and is one of the spiritual cleansing elements that we use most frequently in our home.

If we feel the atmosphere charged, smoke the house with incense is one of the best remedies to attract:

  • the good vibes,
  • the peace and quiet,
  • love,
  • health and
  • the Fortune.

In addition, this aromatic element balances our spirit and protects us from bad influences.

El Palo Santo: a therapeutic scent with powerful benefits

Properties and benefits of palo santo
Palo santo incense sticks

The Palo Santo It is an extremely famous tree with ancestral powers due to the essential oil produced from its fruit.

And it is that this ancestral element was used as a purifier by numerous cultures of the world such as Manteña, Machalilla, Valdivia, and Inca.

They used its smoke also for therapeutic and aromatic purposes.

What is palo santo incense used for?

And it is that smoking with palo santo gives off so much spirituality that it can alleviate many ailments. In addition to bringing peace to the mind and body.

If we place an incense with this aroma we can fight against:

  • - neuralgia
  • - colds
  • - stress
  • - the anxiety
  • - blood pressure

Also the aroma of palo santo is an excellent insect repellent, so many country houses place sticks with incense every night to prevent mosquitoes from entering the home.

However, care must be taken to avoid breathing deeply in the smoke from burning wood.

¡Its properties attract luck and harmony!

Palo santo incense
Palo Santo is a species of the Burseraceae family, which grows in dry forests

Palo santo incense is a purifying tool that is also used to:

  • attract good luck,
  • drive away negativity,
  • get a good spiritual communication,
  • help relax your mind and focus,
  • clean the energies of the home or other spaces,
  • purify and cleanse the aura.

The aroma is excellent to expel bad energies and attracting positive vibes, in addition to maintaining harmony in the family and the cohabitants within the home.

Palo santo balances energies, brings peace and harmony, cleanses spiritually, which is why it is widely used when praying or meditating.

Since ancient times, shamans used it in their rituals of communication with deities, and for cleansing and purification as a force against evil spirits, bad vibes and negative energies.

The aroma of Palo Santo connects us with the need to give and receive love and peace, relieves tension and eliminates domestic conflicts.

How to prepare a natural and homemade incense with palo santo?

Lignum vitae
In this way we can spread the smoke around the home

The incense of palo santo it has great spiritual significance. We can use it in spiritual cleansings to ward off all kinds of negativity and dark energy in the home, business or other spaces.

Although the palo santo comes in different forms, the most common comes in pieces of wood.

We can use one for each cleaning, although we can also turn it off after finishing and use it again another time.

  1. As it is a dense wood, it does not burn easily, so we must be patient and turn the stick slowly over the flame, it may take a few seconds to ignite.
  2. When it's almost done, a bright orange ember will form at the end of the stick.
  3. After the flame ignites, let it burn for half a minute and then blow until it goes out.
  4. Once the smoke begins to give off, you can spread it around all corners of the home or leave it on a preferably metal container so that the aroma travels throughout the space.

Remember to activate your spirituality and do this type of ritual with great calm and peace.

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