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Spiritual ceremony with Incense of Rosemary, Thyme and Eucalyptus for fortune

Incense for energy cleansing

Attracting good fortune is a benefit that every human being wishes to possess, to achieve this, man has resorted to numerous magical rituals in order to make his wish come true.

3 Powerful incenses:

Incense is a very popular item In this task, there are multiple varieties of this ritual object which is related to health, money, against envy, to attract love and to purify negative energies.

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"Romero, let the bad come out and let the good come in."

Salvia rosmarinus popularly known as Rosemary
Salvia rosmarinus popularly known as Rosemary

Rosemary has great properties, the incense made from this plant is famous for attracting good luck, it is often related to love and the establishment of sincere affectionate bonds.

This plant is popularly associated with the phrase:

Romero let the bad come out and the good come in.

Many people plant rosemary in their homes as another method of finding luck and prosperity.

The Thyme purifying herb par excellence.

Thyme (Thymus)
Thyme (Thymus)

Thyme is a very ancient herb, throughout the history of mankind this plant has been used to eradicate bad vibes.

The incense made with Thyme is considered purifying par excellence, this is also attributed the virtues of avoiding nightmares and raising self-esteem.

Thyme behaves like a magnet capable of bringing fortune closer to the life of those who use it.

Eucalyptus Incense attracts good fortune.

Eucalyptus leaves and oil
Eucalyptus leaves and oil

It is recommended to burn Eucalyptus Incense in closed spaces, mainly at home, as this is a plant that attracts prosperity.

Eucalyptus has a peculiar aroma, one of its most impressive virtues is the possibility of combining it with other incenses since doing so enhances its magical properties.

Incense ritual for energy cleansing

Thyme, Rosemary and Eucalyptus incenses They are very effective in attracting good fortune, commercially they are not integrated into a single piece, so three incenses are required to carry out the ritual in question.

As we mentioned previously:

  1. Take three incenses, one from Eucalyptus, another from Thyme and the third from Romero.
  2. These are burned in unison and are scattered throughout the habitations of the house, letting the smoke rise purifying the environment of negative energies.

While this procedure is being carried out, it is necessary for the person to open his heart and visualize in his mind everything he wants, so that in this way good fortune comes to his life attracted by the spirituality that emanates from the burned incense.

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