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Incense, aroma to enhance spirituality

Incense spiritual meaning

For years we have witnessed the use of incense as a representative element of spirituality. We have seen cleaning homes of negative energies using it, we have used it in the pursuit of fortune and prosperity and also as a powerful aphrodisiac.

And it is that this aromatic element belongs to the Catholic tradition, although it dates back to millennia before Christ, since its use is documented in China before 2000 BC. C.

Most of the religions in the world have used it in their ceremonies, for very similar spiritual purposes.

The Church considers the burning of the incense as an image of the prayers of the faithful rising to Heaven, something mentioned in the psalms:

"May my prayer come up to you like incense, and my hands up, like the evening offering."

Spiritual meaning of the Incense

In general, the incense It contains a great spiritual meaning, therefore it is used to sanctify, bless and venerate and represents faith and spirituality.

And in Cuba, the syncretic process made the incense was also adopted for the ceremonials of the Yoruba religion and practices of Santería, especially to perform works and rituals dedicated to finding love, health and prosperity.

And it is that the aroma helps to create an environment of great well-being and can influence people's emotions. In addition, it is also an element to entertain deities, Orishas and spirits.

Uyou are to praise the deities en rituals

The incense they can be of different essences, plants and other natural elements. Its aromas are used in certain rituals dedicated to the Orishas and saints, for example:

  • Ruda's incense: Purifies and cleanses the home, drives away bad energies. You can address any saint or Orisha.
  • In Heather incense: Helps to prosper, have abundance and succeed in business. You can address any saint or Orisha.
  • Rosa's incense: It is specially dedicated to Eleggua, as it opens roads and doors to new opportunities. It is used in rituals and works for that Orisha.
  • The incense of Hortensia: It is dedicated to Yemaya, goddess of the sea, represents family stability, love, protection, creativity and motherhood. It is mostly used to give thanks for your blessings.
  • Banana incense: Dedicated to the seven Orishas powers for all kinds of requests. The seven African powers form a shield and join forces for health, goodness and positive vibes.

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