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3 Rose Incenses to activate "Love" in our lives

3 Rose incense for love

Did you know that incense is a representative element of spirituality that is usually used to cleanse homes of negative energies?

Well yes, it is also used to attract love, for the pursuit of fortune and prosperity and also as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Burning incense is a very spiritual ritual anywhere in the world, not only to spread a pleasant smell in our home or workplace, but to promote personal development, to enhance aspirations and raise energy.

A fragrant and relaxed environment can help us in the worst moments and reduce the negative charge.

An ancient spiritual element that always helps us!

The use of incense is documented in China before 2000 BC. C and for centuries it has been used in rituals of all kinds with very similar spiritual purposes.

In general, incense is used to sanctify, bless and venerate and represents faith and spirituality primarily in the Christian religion.

Today, the use of incense is extremely popular, but it has not lost its qualities as a ritual and spiritual element.

Rose incense for love to flow ...

Roses have a wonderful energy, they are flowers that carry positive vibes that attract love, abundance and many beautiful feelings.

Its aroma is exquisite and brings us many benefits:

  • They relax and help maintain a feeling of peace and love
  • when used in cleaning they drive away dark energies
  • the smoke that spreads in our home purifies and softens the vibes
  • it causes positive and loving feelings in people.

You can use them depending on the type of rose and its color, for example:

Red rose incense:

Red rose incense is ideal for love-seeking rituals, as it increases our inner peace and has aphrodisiac effects.

It also alleviates domestic disputes.

White rose incense:

White rose incense is an extraordinary painkiller and enhances family love in our home.

If we need harmony and understanding between family members or couples, this is the aroma that we must place.

Yellow rose incense:

Yellow rose incense attracts joy and vivacity and frees us from sorrows and sad memories.

This is the aroma that helps to overcome the penalties for love.

Other powerful elements for "love" that you should know:

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