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10 Incenses to "Attract money, good luck and fortune"

Incense to attract money and luck

Luck and fortune They are two of the most desired desires, for which many devotees and believers raise prayers daily, in order to have better conditions in life.

All people want to see in their life all their deepest wishes and dreams fulfilled, and for this reason many put themselves in the hands of luck.

And, sometimes, we go through bad times and it is difficult for us to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Thus, it seems that this luck has left us and that we will never find happiness.

Therefore, we decided to use many tools at our fingertips with which we can raise the energy and vibration of our environment and bring good luck back to us.

Powerful incense ► Its meaning and benefits in our life

For example, if we clean our house of bad vibes and leave a clean and pleasant environment, luck and happiness will come to our door.

And there is no better way to banish bad energies than through the use of incense and the aroma of powerful herbs.

Next, we show you which are the 10 best incenses to attract good luck and prosperity to our lives.

1. Cedar incense to attract much prosperity

Cedar incense
Incense in the form of a bundle of herbs

Cedar is one of the oldest aromatic compounds, and the wood of this tree has been used since time immemorial as a cosmetic, hair tonic, incense, and perfume.

Cedar is an aromatic wood that has been used since ancient times in temples and palaces in the East. It is said that its fragrance can purify the environment and attract prosperity.

Cedar incense has among its benefits:

  • Promote the construction of internal confidence and self-acceptance.
  • It can be used for meditation to calm, relax, harmonize.
  • Relieves tension and energy disorders.

2. Amber incense to strengthen health and good luck

Amber incense properties

This amber incense has also been used since ancient times, for its excellent relaxing and medicinal properties.

For these benefits, amber incense is considered one of the best incenses to attract good luck and health.

The aroma of amber can be used for therapeutic purposes or for meditation, as it is sweet, woody and penetrating, so it will help us to concentrate and enhance our best ideas.

Amber incense has powers such as:

  • Cheer up
  • It improves the relationships between people and the safety of each one.
  • Eliminate insecurity of character and help communication flow.
  • It allows us to act at the right time, achieving our objectives or goals and thus, finish unfinished projects in the best way.

Amber incense gives us a boost to unfold creativity and attracts positive energy and luck.

3. Cinnamon Incense, the talisman for a quick luck in our fortune

Cinnamon incense
The cinnamon tree, known as cinnamon, from which its inner bark is used

Many say that, to call for luck, we must smear our shoes with cinnamon.

And it is that, for a long time, this spice has been considered as a talisman of good fortune.

Cinnamon incense it has many healing properties. It was used in Asia and Egypt to do physical and spiritual healings and is capable of attracting good luck in the place where it is lit.

The scent of cinnamon incense clears our minds. If we are going to do a meditation and we want to be clear, this is the right incense.

It also produces an increase in energy in our body, so it is not surprisingañaCinnamon will have a powerful aphrodisiac effect.

The aroma of this spice also helps us in business and in our work lives, improving our economy, as its powers are believed to attract money and good fortune.

4. Copal incense to activate the financial flow

Copal incense

The copal It is the name given to various aromatic plant resins and its incense has many spiritual and medicinal benefits.

This incense can ward off bad energies and attract luck and prosperity. Its incredible power to evoke memories, make its aroma a balm to connect with harmony.

Currently, burning copal incense is thought to help attract positive energy, especially in financial matters.

The peculiar bouncy and somewhat sweet smell of copal has been for centuries a universal balm to purify and enhance abundance.

It was seen with great frequency in the houses, temples and offerings of practically all pre-Hispanic civilizations.

Other benefits that have been found on Copal:

  • Its power to treat anxiety,
  • Keep depression away
  • Regulates instability of blood pressure,
  • Improves symptoms of insomnia and headaches.

5. Jasmine incense to achieve happiness in life

Jasmine Flowers
Jasmine Flowers

The essence of jasmine incense it is capable of giving good vibes to all temples, homes and shrines.

With its fruity, warm and aphrodisiac aroma, it is one of the most popular oriental aromatic therapies to awaken our senses.

The scent of jasmine incense it helps us to:

  • Deal with problems derived from stress and anxiety.
  • Make our home full of a warm and welcoming environment.
  • The intense fragrance will take away the bad vibes and bring luck and prosperity to our home.
  • It relieves tension and dispels sadness, which is why many use it in the pursuit of happiness.

6. Rose Incense for “good luck in Love”

3 Rose incense for love

Rose incense it is associated with love and good luck and removes any trace of negative energy that may be in the environment.

In addition, it is capable of bringing fortune to those who use it regularly.

All types of rose incense attract luck in different spheres of life.

Meaning of some rose incenses according to their color:

  • Red rose increases our inner peace, favors love and alleviates domestic disputes.
  • White Rose stimulates family love in our home, attracts harmony and happiness.
  • yellow Rose It frees us from sorrows and sad memories and helps to regain happiness and the will to live.

7. Vanilla Incense, its aroma gives power to our requests

Vanilla incense
Vanilla plant flower

Vanilla incense It has a penetrating and inviting aroma, which will promote seduction and love and which activates our senses and revitalizes our body.

It is widely used to obtain energy in moments of great physical exhaustion, or to recover from efforts. Vanilla acts as a relaxant and antidepressant.

It is said that it grants greater power to our requests, so we can use it when we ask for luck and prosperity.

Its properties make it a perfect essence to attract good luck and prosperity to people's lives, as it is one of the most exquisite scents in the world.

This delicate and sweet fragrance can help us eliminate bad thoughts and focus on positive ideas and projects.

8. Violet incense to solve difficult situations

Incense of violets
Violet flowers

Violet incense creates a pleasant atmosphere and peaceful in our home, so it is very useful to solve conflicts or problems.

Spreading this fragrance is believed to help eliminate stress, fatigue and tension that family members may have and create bonds of unity and peace between them.

The scent of violet helps us with its benefits:

  • It takes the bad energies from around us, be it people or the negative in general
  • It attracts the good vibes of harmony, luck and prosperity.
  • It helps to overcome fatigue and mental problems, relaxing and achieving optimism and high self-esteem in the person.

This flower symbolizes pure states of love and helps clarify feelings, so it is also used to attract good luck and love to people's lives.

9. Ylang Ylang incense to strongly strengthen love ties

Ylang Ylang Incense
Ylang Ylang Plant Flower

This type of incense comes from Asia and has been used since ancient times to relax the body and raise people's peace of mind.

Its sweet, exotic and sensual scent makes this fragrance be used to cover the bed of the newlyweds, as it is excellent for attracting strong love and strengthening ties.

The main benefits of ylang ylang incense are:

  • calm and relax,
  • It is an aphrodisiac and
  • balances the mood.

10. Basil incense to ward off bad luck and attract money

Basil spiritual meaning
Ocimum basilicum popularly called basil or alhábega

Basil is a plant with important properties for the mind and spirit, as it eliminates mental and emotional stress, clears the mind and strengthens the capacity for decision.

This incense fragrance is used to attract success into our lives and ward off all bad luck, as basil is strongly linked to good vibes in business and in everything related to money.

This incense is also used to cleanse bad energies and for love and protection spells, although its main function is good luck.

Basil banishes the bad vibes from any physical space and attracts luck and prosperity.

How to use this type of incense?

These incenses can be used whenever you want to activate the energies of prosperity and luck, open the paths and ward off all kinds of negativity that you may feel in the environment.

You can turn them on:

  • When you do energetic cleaning in the home or other space
  • To activate prosperity in business or employment
  • When you are working or studying, this will help you generate abundance and new projects
  • While you rest so that the energies around you are renewed
  • Whenever you want it is opportune to use these powerful elements.

Some powerful cleanses you can do:

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