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5 Incense that will clean our house of «Bad energies»

incense to clean the house

Our home is that place where we find refuge and peace despite the negativity that exists in the outside world.  

But many times bad energies manage to penetrate our home and disturb our peace, stalling the good vibes and causing problems when, above all, to take advantage of new opportunities for growth and personal development.

Therefore, we must know that there are simple ways to clean our home from the bad vibes that disturb and attack us.

One of the most common ways to spiritual cleansing It includes incense, a remedy that has been used for energetic cleansing since ancient times and has great spiritual power to clean the house.

Incense for spiritual cleansing in the house that will activate the good vibes

In religious ceremonies, incense is burned in the belief that the aroma it gives off has the power to attract or reprimand energies and spirits from the environment.

In addition, the smell of this element when burning creates a relaxed and peaceful environment.

Today, there are many incense scents on the market, and not only do they eliminate the bad energy around us, but they can predispose us to have a proactive and positive mental attitude.

Some scents are said to call for:

  • luck and fortune,
  • health,
  • the love and
  • dissimilar feelings and positive situations.

And definitely, incense has the power to neutralize negative energies and to energetically clean a house.

Although we must know that there are more effective aromas than others for this work. For example:

1. “Palo Santo” incense for dark spirits

Palo santo incense
The Palo Santo is a species of tree that grows in dry forests

Purifying the environment and keeping bad energies away are the greatest qualities of the palo santo incense.

It is a combination of strong and sweet smelling sensations. Shamans use the aroma of palo santo in their sessions to clean and purify environments against bad spirits and negative energies.

If we burn palo santo incense, the aroma will banish bad energy from the home and call for fortune and well-being.

2. “Sandalwood” incense to attract peace

Sandalwood incense
The sandalwood tree is native to India and other parts of Asia

Sandalwood is an extremely relaxing and positive scent. Thus, it reaches all the spaces of the house, facilitating meditation and spiritual peace for the people who have lived there.abitan. Its aroma is sweet and floral and helps to cleanse homes of negative charges.

Sandalwood is excellent for eliminating bad odors that can be concentrated in the rooms.abitations and carry bad vibes such as cigarettes, tobacco, strong foods, alcohol, among others.

3. “Eucalyptus” incense to purify spaces

Eucalyptus incense
Eucalyptus or eucalyptus are trees of the myrtaceae family

Eucalyptus is a scent which denotes freshness, cleanliness and spiritual purification. It is very useful to neutralize any negative charge, as a scent that clarifies and optimizes spaces.

In addition, eucalyptus is used when you want to counteract infectious diseases such as bronchitis, cough, diabetes or asthma. Its powers are both spiritual and medicinal.

4. “Rue” incense to rest better

Rue incense
Ruta graveolens, commonly called rue

Ruda's incense purifies and cleans the home and drives away bad energies. Its medicinal and relaxing properties provide peace and tranquility to the environment and help us to fall asleep and rest better.

Ruda is also used when you want to eliminate economic barriers and open the paths to well-being and success. Having a rue plant at home will also help us to scare away all kinds of dark energy that wants to stalk us.

5. “Cinnamon” incense so that love comes

Cinnamon incense
From the cinnamon tree, known as cinnamon, its inner bark is used

The scent of cinnamon, makes positive energy reign in our home and purifies it, banishing bad vibrations.

By using cinnamon incense to clean the home, we can attract good luck, love and material prosperity. It will also protect us from envy and bad omens and will call for prosperity and fortune.

Other powerful and effective cleanings we can do at home:

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