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Inle is the son of Yemayá Ika Irete and the religious Councils of the Sign!

Inle Ika Irete

In Ika Irete Yemaya she lived happily with her husband ObatalaBoth were supported by fishing.

Some time after having contracted marriage, Yemayá became pregnant, but her gestation period was very difficult, seeing herself accompaniedañado for numerous discomforts.

Pataki where the Mother of the Sea Yemayá brings Inle to the World

The day the mother gave birth, a storm was approaching, the cry of Yemayá shook the world.

Her husband, who was eating fish, was injured with a thorn in his throat, running he approached her, Yemayá suffered a lot because despite her efforts she could not give birth to her son.

After a very exhausting labor, Yemayá began to suffer seizures, a phenomenon that is associated today with eclampsia.

After his wife recovered, the proud father named his son Inle and placed all his hopes on him.

As the weeks went by, Yemayá took Inle in her arms, heading towards the coast and when she felt the salty water, she launched herself towards the ocean.  

The mother gave the little one to her sister to be raised and educated under the doctrines of the Yoruba Pantheon.

The time that Yemayá lived apart from her son made her suffer a lot, so every time she thought of him she became sad and as she approached the sea the waves shook and a storm broke out that devastated everything in its path.

Despite her efforts to attract her son, her attempts were in vain as Inle rejected her call over and over again.

Ifá advice through odun Ika Irete

Ifá advises by means of this odun to take extreme care in the home of the religious if there is a pregnant woman or if she is a woman, since this sign predicts the development of a pregnancy, where the life of the mother and the child will be in danger.

Warning the presence of a disease considered the most severe form of gestational hypertension called eclampsia.

This letter warns of the need for children to be raised by their parents, because over time they will long for the protection and affection that they did not receive.

Event that could make them reject their parents and feel negative feelings for them such as resentment and reproaches.

The action that happens when Obatalá sticks a thorn in the throat is metaphorically associated with the reserve of worries and fears.

Fact that must be discussed by the individual with the family and close people so as not to see himself alone and feel the concern and support of those around him and want his good, who will be the most indicated when offering advice.

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