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Prayer, qualities and stories of Inle: the healing Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon

Inle Santeria

We pray to Inle for health and prosperity, as his strengths are associated with both spheres of human life.

Inle or Erinlé as it can also be called, is an Orisha of great power in Santeria, who is known as a great hunter and fisherman and is also linked to productive activities and the extractive economy.

It is said that he was one of the first to have knowledge about the healing properties of plants, but later he gave that knowledge to Osain del Monte, who since then is the Orisha of herbs and the Ashe that they carry.

However, Inle kept the wisdom of herbs, and how they were used to relieve human pain, he is also considered the deity of the garden harvest. For this reason, people go to him above all to ask for the cure of diseases and the relief of ills in the Yoruba religion.

Inle, the powerful healer in Santeria

Orisha Inle the fisherman

Inle is the first doctor or Ologun in Santeria, so he represents health and protects doctors, although fishing was his true vocation.

As one of his fundamental qualities, he is said to be one of the most beautiful Orisha in existence, despite the fact that he is represented as an Androgynous deity (with male and female features). However, in various places he is worshiped as a male saint and this happens in many parts of Cuba.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Erìnlè which means "The food that the earth gives", because this deity extends its powers to personify the same earth.

Normally it is dressed in blue, yellow and white and is adorned with snails, although there are also representations that place it in marine green and the color of certain stagnant waters.

Inle has as attributes several elements:

  • As a fisherman he carries two hoops, hooks, pita, net, three small fish and shells
  • a hand of snails,
  • an acofá,
  • a jar that carries Abbata's secret and
  • 7 Otá (stones)

The patakí of love between Inle and Yemayá, the goddess of the sea

A Yoruba Pataki tells how Inle's beauty is, that Yemaya she fell in love with him, and his attraction was so immense that she took him to live at the bottom of the sea.

But as time passed, Yemayá began to downplay Inle and not knowing what to do to get rid of him and not running the risk of Inle revealing the mysteries and secrets of the sea, she cut out her lover's tongue.

This is the main reason why Inle speaks only through Yemayá.

It is said that, when Inle and Yemayá separate, the separation of the land and the sea originates, it is also believed that the sea has remained annoying with the land since then and therefore the waves make movements towards the Earth, trying to flood it .

Inle and Abata go together

Orisha Abata and Inle

Abbata and Inle are brothers, although several Pataki indicate that they are really husband and wife. She is older since she was born 16 years earlier in Takua, just like Inle. She was also a fisherman and represents the other side of Inle. She lives in the lagoons.

Unlike Inle, they say that, because of her physique, Abbata is frightening. However, she is a very hard-working deity and is symbolized through the Majá or intertwined serpent, which represents balance.

She wears on her dress:

  • a light blue cloth apron
  • embellishments on her dress with embroidery, necklace beads and snails.
  • hat woven and embroidered with beads in light blue, coral, yellow with a touch of green and jet.

Abbata is also considered the wife of Inle, she is very industrious, although she is also known for being very jealous, causing many marital fights.

Legends say that Abbata often paid Inle to work on the farm.

¿How to invoke Inle the doctor of the Ocha, to ask for his protection?

I pray to Inle

Legends say that the cult of Inle began in the town of Ilobu, because a river runs through that town, it bears the name of Inle in their honor, because there Inle protected them against the invasion of the Fulanis.

However, today the cult of Inle is highly revered, due to the fact that it is considered an Orisha healer, a bestower of health, prosperity and material goods.

Also this Orisha is considered the comforter of the family and the homes, since it is said that he is the only spirit that seeks to alleviate the affliction in the houses and many virtues are attributed to him. You can also support us when looking for a good job.

We must bear in mind that when praying to Inle, offerings of:

  • sweet wine,
  • sweets like drunk pancakes and pumpkin balls,
  • lettuce, watercress and yam,
  • tamale (ekó)
  • fruits such as guava, orange and sweet potato
  • almonds oil.

They immolate him with white animals, as they are:

  • the RAM,
  • rooster and guinea fowl
  • doves

Some of their Ewe (herbs) are:

  • lettuce,
  • sunflowers,
  • marjoram,
  • ten of the day,
  • purslane,
  • fern,
  • basil,
  • good grass,
  • gold button, among others.

You can also pray to him in syncretism with a saint of the catholic religion, As:

  • The archangel San Rafael, patron of the pilgrim and healer.

Prayers to Inle are usually short and simple, and we can also use dedicated chants to honor and invoke him.

We must always do so with great faith and trust in the Orisha, so that he hears our prayers and grants us the help we require.

Prayer dedicated to Inle:

Thus we invoke the doctor of the Ocha in Yoruba:

Inle fumi alaya ¡wó, bawo Onichegun atí re-eyá bagbe ki chebo nitosi laya na Orno ni na ano cuelu re ki iwo gba ni na atewó na kú bear na ilu ki iwo otiwa nitosi che gbogbo odara will odukue baba Onichegun Inle ikzwo mi

Its translation into Spanish:

Give me salvation you as a doctor and your fish, remember that you made the sacrifice to save your children from disease.

With your fish that you received in the palm of your hand, death fled from the peoples that you were to make everyone good and healthy.

Thank you, my father, doctor, check me out.

Other powerful prayers to the Orishas:

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