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Yemayá's love for Inle Why does she cut out her lover's tongue?

Inle and Yemayá

Inle It is the Orisha who represents fishing and gathering. He protects doctors and fishermen and is the deity of the extractive economy. Patron of the doctors, fish and owner of the river.

He is an older Orisha due to his immense powers as a physician to the Ocha. He is not only considered a healer of diseases, he is also an excellent hunter and fisherman and is prayed for health and material prosperity, as Inle can help us especially in desperate situations.

He is an androgynous and very beautiful Orisha and many legends say that because of his good looks he faced serious problems. According Fernando Ortiz, can be taken as personification of the earth, provider of human sustenance.

Her name is Inle Ayayá and she lives both on land and in water. He is an inseparable companion of ochun the goddess of rivers, and in some pataki they even married and had a child. Its color is the combination of blue and yellow.

The beautiful Pataki Inle and Yemayá

Inle He was the most beautiful young man on earth and he displayed good manners and intelligence along with his good looks, so many women fell asleep in his wake.

So beautiful was Inle, that Yemayá, powerful goddess of the seas, saw him one day and could no longer take her eyes off him. He began to follow the young man everywhere, trying to get his attention.

Finally, the owner of the blue sea was so in love with the handsome Orisha that she kidnapped him and took him to the bottom of the sea so that he would always be with her and illuminate the dark ocean with her beauty.

Yemaya cuts the tongue of her lover

Once Yemayá's wishes were satisfied, the goddess got tired of him and returned him to the world, since he no longer required her presence.

But Inle had seen the mysteries of the sea and had known its secrets and the Queen of the Sea feared that she would reveal them to the other Orishas who might try to take her powers.

So so that the beautiful Orisha would not speak, Yemayá cut out his tongue. That is why Inle always speaks for Yemayá in the Oracle of Diloggún.

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