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Invocation to the Archangel Gabriel Deliver us from affliction and intercede!

Invocation to the archangel Gabriel

The archangel gabriel He was appointed by God among so many legions of angels to preach with the word, which is why the nickname of the Holy tongue corresponds to him, being able to persuade and educate with the word.

His name from the Hebrew language translated into Spanish is interpreted as the strength of God or the strength of God.

His saints are celebrated on February 27 or failing that, this commemoration also takes place on September 29.

  • Similarly was appointed to Wednesday, fourth day of the week, to be close to the Archangel Gabriel and invoke his protection and help to overcome difficult times and ward off the afflictions that torment us.

Attributes representing Saint Gabriel the Archangel

The Archangel Gabriel is represented in blue and white clothes, he carries a lily in one hand and a lamp in the other.

I accompanied himaña also a branch of Paradise, a scroll and a scepter, his image reflects the intention of a greeting and seems ready at all times to offer blessings to the world.

How does he protect us with his divine power?

The presence of the Archangel Gabriel drives away falsehood, because with his cosmic energy he opens his eyes, the blindfold of disappointment falling to the ground.

Among the virtues that it fosters in human beings is the perseverance to successfully achieve dreams, in the same way that it attracts good company by removing from our lives those who could harm us or make us make mistakes.

By invoking the Archangel Gabriel, it is requested to appease those who are euphoric with anger, the reunification of all family members is requested.

San Gabriel protects pregnant women throughout their gestation and ensures their safety during childbirth.

Failing that, it also helps women who cannot remain fit to achieve the long-awaited fruit of conception.

Prayer to invoke the Archangel Gabriel and place our order

Oh! God, that among all the angels you chose the Loving Archangel Saint Gabriel

To announce the mystery of your Incarnation;

Grant us graciously that we who celebrate your feast on earth,

Let's experience your patronage in heaven.

(Here you ask for the grace you want)

Powerful Archangel Gabriel, you who are the strength of God

Wash me in your blessed waters of purification,

Increase my intuition

And help me to remember what I am.

In dreams give me the liquid of true love to drink.

And with your trumpet announce to my soul that it is time

To rise from the dead and resurrect my consciousness to the Light.


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