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On the Invocation of the Spirits 10 doubts that many of us have!

Invocation of spirits

Spirits are part of our life and they constantly communicate with our souls. There will always be someone from beyond that will help us, guide us and give us advice.

We are in charge of giving you light and offering you prayers so that those spirits and sacred beings rise up and rest in peace.

Here I offer you some questions and answers about the world of the dead and the invocation of the spirits, according to what you thought the great spiritist Allan Kardec.

10 Questions and Answers about Spiritism

Kardecian spiritism

1. After the death of the person, how long can we wait to call that spirit?

You can immediately invoke that the person dies, but it is good to know that at that moment that spirit will be disturbed because it does not know where it is and if it responds it will do so inconsistently.

Almost always after 8 or 9 days the spirit is well recognized.

2. If I call on the spirit the same day he passes away, can it be the saddest call for him?

In this situation, many spirits can respond well, they are even helped to get out of that disoriented state, but the sensation of evoking them instantly is as if they woke you up before concluding a dream and can confuse them more.

3. Can a little child as a spirit respond without having so much understanding, because of his short life on earth?

The souls of children are spirits that are still linked with matter, that is, with their body, but when they separate from it, they are already enabled as a spirit, and they have no age.

But until it is completely detached, there will still be characteristics of an infant in it.

4. Sometimes the spirits do not usually answer our questions, is it because they do not want to or some superior force prevents them from answering?

It can be both, sometimes they cannot say it and sometimes they may not know.

5. And if I insist that you answer, can you do it?

When the spirit does not want to, no matter how much it insists, it will not respond, and it can also leave.

It may even be that if you continue to be stubborn they will give you other answers to engañayou. And if she already answered you, do not insist any more, because she will get annoyed and will give you an incorrect answer.

6. When we ask good spirits questions, which ones do you usually dislike?

All the questions you ask useless or to test them will not like them and the only thing you will achieve is to drive them away.

7. Many formal spirits do not establish an exact date for what they tell you to happen, is it that they do not want to or cannot?

It can be both.

Almost always the spirits tend to warn what can happen, but as for establishing a certain time they almost never do it because they do not know or should not say it.

It should be noted that many spirits can engañary give date and time to play with us.

We have to know that all spirits see and foretell future events by influence, but for them there is no time as for the living, that is, they do not calculate it and therefore can make mistakes.

8. Many people have the gift of seeing the future. Why does it happen?

It happens because the souls of these people are detached from their body and that is when the spirit usually sees and if it is useful, God allows it to say things that will be good for that person who is being consulted, but be very careful because there are many scammers and liars .

9. Can spirits tell time and day of a person's death?

These spirits are jokers and they almost always play with these predictions, they should not be taken seriously.

10. Many people have a premonition before they die or are warned that they will die. What is the reason for this?

Almost always his own spirit is who knows it, because when he feels liberated he recognizes it, and if it is through a dream, for example, upon waking up the person preserves the intuition.

These people are always prepared for their death and are not scared, they see in it a change of situation, not a loss.

  • I hope these answers about the invocation of the sacred spirits are helpful for your growth and spiritual development.

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