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Powerful Invocation to Obatala: 3 Prayers to the owner of our thought

Prayer to invoke Obatala

Obatalá is a major deity belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon.

His presence was decisive in the creation of the human species, as this saint was in charge of giving each individual intelligence and the ability to reason in order to differentiate man from animals.

Baba identifies with the color white, peace and purity.

All the avatars of this saint dress in this tone and only his path of warrior recognized under the name of Ayagguna wears a red band obliquely on his thorax, a garment with which his bravery is represented.

How to invoke Obatala with my words?

Obatalá beloved father, I ask for your blessing today and I render you moforibale in honor of your greatness and in gratitude for all that you have given me..

AI look after you to consecrate my life under your motto of humility and patience, to wear with pride and devotion the crown that you gave me through the Osha.

You who are the only Orisha who knows the best kept secrets of man, those that are housed within the mind, a place to which only you have access.

Today I ask you to give me intelligence to face life, I come to you to beg you to assist me with the peace and tranquility that I need.

I want you to cover my family under your mantle so that disease does not hit them or madness seizes them.

I beg you to make your wars mine and to always be that light that guides my steps even when I find myself lost in the darkness, because my faith in you will be a shelter in which to protect me from all evil.

I invoke your name to obtain health, rest, rest, long life, and overcoming causes and difficulties. Ashé.

Lucumí prayer for Obatalá

Orichanlá Okonrin ati Obinrin ni layé, eledá no gbogbo nor gbogbo na darandara, atí Burukú, Obá ati Ayaba afin, Ogá ni na tala gbogbo na cheche, Babá wa afin alano jekua Babá Mí.

Translation of the Lucumí prayer: Prayer to invoke Obatala

Great Saint, Man and Woman of the world, creator of all good and bad.

Albino King and Queen, Owner of purity and of all justices, Great Father of the world, My Protector and of all healthy good houses, Our Father, Merciful Albino, Long live, My Father, Thank you.

Some of the rituals you can do with Obatalá:

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