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Invocation to the warrior Oshosi: Powerful prayers in Lucumí and Spanish

Summon Oshosi

Oshosi is one of the four Orishas that make up the tetralogy of the warriors.

This deity comes into the life of the religious to give him health and stability.

This saint is the most talented hunter of the Yoruba Pantheon, he is represented among other elements with a bow and arrow, instruments that he uses to hunt the iré.

Fairness is one of the principles under which Oshosi is governed, a saint who passes sentence in jails and prisons.

This deity will never grant anything to those who do not deserve it, because from his position he is an advocate that:

To achieve achievements you have to fight for them.

How to invoke with my words Oshosi the great hunter?

Oshosi great hunter catches with your arrow all the ireses that I may deserve, but in the same way, envy me, sorcery, bad thoughts and other osogbos that could darken my future.

I come before you to beg you for my health and that of my loved ones, protect us under your gaze so that evil cannot reach them and if in the future it succeeds in doing so it will not destroy us.

I ask you for indulgence for those who repent in prisons, I summon your ancestral justice to make the true guilty of crimes and ill-intentioned damages to my person pay.

Oshosi at your feet I come to find everything that spiritually I lack, peace, stability, strength, happiness and tolerance.

I promise to always be attentive to your warnings and never let the advice you give me fall to the ground.

Take away from me envy, witchcraft and bad thoughts and all feelings contrary to good.

My warrior Orisha fights the battles in which I find myself involved and paves the way for good fortune, love and job success to come into my life. Ashé.

Lucumí prayer to invoke Ochosi, the Orisha who owns the Bow and Arrow in the Yoruba Pantheon

Ochosi Olugba ni gbogbo na oda ati aricha cheche ode kills if my ati gbogbo omá uile functions okán ona I will go toi kuelure ofá hard gbogbo Burukú ki wa nitosi ni oduke Babá Me.

Meaning of the lucumí prayer

Owner of all hunters and holy Justice, Hunter, do not sell me, and all children of the earth, give me a good path and with your arrows, for all evil that comes to me, Thank you, Father.

If you wish, you can invoke Oshosi and make an offering:

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