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How to invoke Oshún with my words? I prayed to the golden queen

Summon Oshún

Oshún is the most beautiful Orisha belonging to the Yoruba pantheonWith its beauty, the African deity appeased beasts, won battles and unified continents.

  • The yellow It is its representative tone, a color that symbolizes river water and honey from bees, two of its great possessions.

This saint embodies beauty, joy and motherhood, this being the last stage of her entire custody in the life of women.

The Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba, is the Catholic saint with whom Oshún is syncretized.

  • Five is the number representing Yalodde and
  • the day of the week that corresponds to the deity is Saturday, the perfect day to fall in love and go out to enjoy life.

Invocation to Oshún: Yoruba goddess of femininity and honey from bees

Oshún mistress and mistress of the river bring me with your waters all the blessings that I deserve, wrap me in your lap so that envy, jealousy, malevolence and bad thoughts do not reach me.

Witness my personal growth and help me change to become a good person and never allow my destiny to deviate towards any other end than the right one.

You who are the owner of the honey of bees sweeten my life so that love and happiness come my way.

Yalodde you who with a smile bless or sentence accompany me on all the paths that I must travel.

Goddess of motherhood, when the time is right, allow me the blessing of cradling my children in my arms and educating them under the sacred precepts of good and humility.


I pray Lucumí for Oshún, the deity of sweetness

Oshún Yeyé Mi Ogá ni gbogbo ibu, laye nibo gbogbo o´mo Orisha leuwé nitosi gba obukán, ni omi didun nitosi oni Alafia ati Ayo Obinrin kue lu re che wiwo ti re ma ru achó gele nitosi go ayaba Ewe kuelú re reribó ati ai be oni cho¡ nitoriti ko mou nigbati wa ibinú Obinrin Ikú ikó ni Olofin Adukue.

Interpretation of the Lucumí prayer

My Mother, Owner of the River, of the world where every child of Saint goes abañarse, to receive the blessing of fresh water, to have happiness and joy.

Woman with her skirt and her five scarves to dance, Reina is beautiful with her laughter and joy, but we must be careful we do not know when she is angry.

Death Woman, Olofin Oduke's Messenger Thank you.

We share some offerings to deliver when Summoning Oshún:

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