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How to invoke Oyá with my words? Lucumí prayers to the Yoruba queen

summon Oyá

Oyá who is the orisha owner of the whirlpool, the spark and the cemetery gate, is one of the most respected deities within the Yoruba pantheon.

Yansa directs the army of the EggunesWell, she is a formidable warrior.

This deity is represented by all colors, although it has a predilection for the grape tone.

  • Friday is the day of the week in which he reigns, date in which man must pay for all his sins.

This deity manifests itself through the wind, through the air it sends messages to the spirits and their children.

Justice and impartiality characterize Oyá, saint whose hand does not tremble to give each human being the punishment or blessing they deserve.

Oyá He protects the underdog, but he will never let a crime go unpunished.

Powerful Invocation to the Orisha Oyá yansa

Oyá warrior queen through the wind sent you a message, I use my voice to convey what I feel, what I dream and what afflicts me, I wish you listen to my words and can find in you the comfort I need.

I beg you queen of the cemetery to give me health and intelligence to take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and make better decisions.

Now you, who are the owner of the whirlpool, I ask you with your winds to take from my life everything that could harm me and bring me the ireses that you consider I may deserve.

I invoke you from faith, begging you to protect my family, guide my steps along the path of goodness and grant me a seat, rest, long life and overcoming causes and difficulties. Ashé.

Lucumí prayer dedicated to Oyá yansa

Oya yegre Iyá biesa heard orun afete ikúlebebi oké ayaba gbogbo loya abinrin, ogá ni ano, ogá ni gbogbo aggun, Orisha ni abaya oyú ewa ovansa, hey ri Jekua iyé me, Obinrin ni kuokuelé fun Olugba kua nor Olofua a.

Do you know the meaning of the Lucumí Prayer?

Eating shop next door, My mother nine days in heaven, Wind of death, Whirlwind from above, Queen of all markets, Woman owner of all spirits, Owner of disease, Saint of the stripe on the pretty face , the market of the wind, understands to see, Long live my mother, Woman of great power by mandate of God, to be Queen of Death, Thank you.

We shared some beautiful offerings to Oyá:

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