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Ojuani Ika's greatest ire: Be grateful without becoming a slave

I will go from Ojuani Ika

Ifá says that you are a very envied person and that his enemies wish to harm him.

pay the debts that you can have with the orishas so that your path is free of obstacles. Take care of the eggunes who manage it, they will always have a blessing to offer you. 

The strength of the religious ruled by this odun is found in the herbs

Ritual to remove enemies:

  • Place at the entrance of your house 3 cow's league leaves tied with a red ribbon to cleanse your astral of gossip and slander.

His greatest goal is to be grateful. with the people who have extended their hand, without becoming a slave to said gratitude. You are an intelligent person, but sometimes due to arrogance and impulsiveness you become blinded and by doing this you are condemned to make wrong decisions.

Spiritual bath with the sacred herbs of Ojuani Ika

The sacred herbs of Ojuani Ika are:

  • the cedar,
  • paradise and
  • the yellow plum

When you take a bath with these herbs, always do it before 12 noon so that said ritual is of efficacy and evolution, this bath also serves to reinforce health, to determine how many days it should be done, you should ask Orula.

The religious must honor the earth once a year

In Ojuani Ika arose why the power of orisha ozain is buried, the reasons for his marriage with Inle Oguere and why this case his powers with Orisha Oko. This is an odun of secrets, where the religious owes tribute to the earth once a year, recognizing Inle Oguere as mother nature, at each meal the religious must return to the earth a sample of everything he has given .

The strength of the religious ruled by this odun It is found in the herbs and in the natural resources that are used in the consecrations of the Osha Ifá.

This is a letter in which the person you should receive Orisha Oko for your health and his own strength above the earth plane. Ojuani Ika is an Ifá of alliances where success is achieved after making good decisions in life.

This is a sign of prosperity for those who want to look for it and of misfortune for those who decide to sit idly by waiting for everything to fall from heaven.

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