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I will go and Osogbo, the mandate of the Orishas

I'll go and osogbos

It is common to hear that the I will go It is a good thing and it is not a lie, we also hear that the osogbo It is the bad thing, and it is not less true, but the real thing is that between the two of us we maintain the balance of life, because just as there is no light without darkness, nor life without death, there is no luck without loss.

In the yoruba religion both the Iré and the Osogbo are temporary paths in stages of our life, astral states. The iré blesses us and the osogbo keeps us alert, warns us to be cautious and to act with cunning in the face of a certain negative situation.

Iré is luck, blessing, light, Ashé, good energy and unfoldment while Osogbo is curse, darkness and negative environment.

When going to consult with a Babalawo, Oriaté, or Olorishas we must always keep in mind the importance of listening and interpreting the sign that comes out because from there they will give us the solutions to reach the I will in case it is Osogbo.

Really in life we ​​all have a bit of Osogbo by our side, because we are surrounded by both negative and positive energies and we are a sponge collecting. But the oracle always gives us a solution, it is accurate and its word is sacred.

In the Oddun Ogbe Fun Funlo it says that:

«Osogbo is the only one that Ebbó made and that is why it is stronger and more durable»

But it also says that:

«Iré was the only Osogbo who did not make Ebbó and that is why he died»

That is why within religion it is so important to respect and comply when they tell us to do ebbó (cleaning), because "ebbó saves you."

In this article we mention some types of Iré and Osogbo with their meaning.

Different types of Iré (Luck)

In this list the word Elesé means mediation. 

I will goMeaning
I'll go Elesé EggúnLuck through a spirit
I will go Elesé OshaLuck through an Osha
I will go Elesé OrisháLuck through an Orisha
I will go ArikúHealth wellness
I will go Elesé Owó LowóFinancial luck through your own hand
I'll go Elesé Owó PipoLuck through money
I will go Elesé Atí IshowóLuck through a commercial activity or a business
I'll go Elesé OmóLuck through children
I will go Elesé OmáLuck through your intelligence
I will go Elesé EleddáLuck for his own head
I'll go Elesé OkuníLuck through her husband or a man
I'll go Elesé ObbiníLuck through his wife or a woman
I will go Elesé Adedé WantolokúnLuck from the sea
I will go Elesé Ashegún OtáGood luck for the expiration of difficulties
I will go Elesé Ota lo SiwayúThrough the delivery of an otá or receiving an Addimú
I will go Elesé ArubbóLuck through an elder, man or woman
I will go Elesé AraonúLuck from beyond
I will go Elesé OtonowáLuck that comes from heaven
I will go Elesé AraokóBy the field or someone from there
I'll go Elesé AyéLuck through the individual world of each one
I will go Elesé AbburéThrough a brother of blood or religion
I will go Elesé BabatobíFrom the hand of his Godfather
I will go Elesé KaoriosháLuck through the Osha
I will go Elesé Oyalé IyaréGood through his mother
I will go BuyocóA good that comes slowly
I'll go shaieProvisional luck
I will go Elesé Ilé SiwayúLuck in the godfather's house
I will go Elesé Bawa IléLucky you get home
I'll go Aya TebalLucky it's in the air
I will go Elesé EnironLuck through clairvoyance

Types of Osogbo

To determine through whom the Osogbo comes, 2 words are used that mean: Intori (through) and Iowo (by hands).

IkuDeath, termination.
Iku SuayoDeath is ahead
Iku AadoDeath is behind
OmuOut of jealousy
Ring or AnusPresent disease       
HeyAltered, discrepancy or tragedy
ArunPredictable disease
OphoUnexpected loss
OnaBumps, inconveniences in life, succession of unfavorable situations
IñaClashes between people as discussion and fight
tiya tiyaGossip
ArayeDislikes, grief and problems
AkobbaRevolution, destruction for unknown reasons
FitiwoSudden death
OgguActs of Witchcraft
akalakanbúkaWhen it comes to Palo Witchcraft, the one who is consulted must go to the foot of the stick because the saint does not remove this Osogbo.
Osha KuariwoIn this Osogbo, the Orisha who has been consulted is saying that the person in question does not vibrate in Osha matter, that his solution lies elsewhere, in a different philosophical, religious, esoteric current. If the consulted person is in serious condition, already evicted by the doctor, it is certain that the Orisha means that the person prepares himself for a good death.
AsheluJustice problems
OtonowaDeath for the sky
Nor BoyokúnLoss of tranquility and seat of the person
Ikan Buruku LoddeIt is the evil above the person 
EleddaEvil is provided by his own head
eggunEvil is provided by a dead man
araddiaPhysical combat between two or more people, quarrels and disagreements
Burukú CanvasCrooked road
Okiki Akua OsunEnvy
Ta EyeFor a bloodshed
ObesebiLoss due to failure
Ofo ItifoContinuous loss
DaleFor treason
saibaraFor disobedience

The important thing is to understand and respect these lyrics that speak and guide through ancient advice.

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