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In Irete Kutan Orisha Oko arrives blessing his way with iré

Irete Kutan Orisha Oko

Irete Kutan/ Irete Ogunda, Ifá of retribution, odun where the earth will provide man with everything he needs and later it will take with it everything it gave, odun where the cadaveric decomposition of organisms mediated by the process described above is born.

In this Ifá the religious should feed the earth every year. Irete Kutan talks about the first man who cultivated the land, the great farmer Orisha Oko, deity that you should receive for health, prosperity, seat, rest, long life and so that food is not lacking on your table.

What does Ifá say to the religious in Irete kutan?

1. Orumila says that through Ozain's ewe you will heal the sick

  • Odun where through the mediation of Bata drum will break difficulties.
  • This is a letter in which pay tribute to Saint Lazarus and work under the protection of a missionary spirit.
  • Through this sign arose in the religious land the consecration of the Oriate.
  • In this sign Orula tells us that by using Ozain's ewe (herbs) you will heal diseases and remove disturbances, study herbs so that he can exercise one of his virtues.

2. This is an Ifá of inheritances good and bad

In this sign Olofin created the different types of spirits based on the four natural elements.

Some of the people around him they don't want you to know the truth and they try to hide things from him so he doesn't see them.

Irete Kutan is an Ifá of inheritances, where the one who inherits the good of his family he will also inherit the bad.

You can't miss Irete Kutan once a year at least one head spray with the herb known as "prodigious", ewe with which he overcomes difficulties.

3. Rituals to bring evolution and open paths

In the letter Irete Kutan the religious must take care of the one-eyed, because a person with this disability will harm him. Any action you take against of his will be returned to him multiplied.

In Osogbo the religious ruled by Irete Kutan You should beware of sexual abuse. In Irete Kutan the separation from family and friends is born as a result of gossip and envy.

Ritual to achieve prosperity:

Ritual to overcome difficulties and ward off disturbances:

  • The religious ruled under this sign places a basket of fruit under his bed or a plate of water.

4. Irete Kutan will be the undertaker of his family

Ifá says that you cannot make important decisions without first consulting with Orumila.

You can not have disputes or porfias with nobody because you will fall into osogbo, take care of suffering hot flashes in the street.

Ifá Irete Kutan will be the undertaker of his family, odun that marks longevity on the earth plane so that in the course of life you will see your loved ones die.

You must have be careful where you comb your hair or cut their hair because they can work it.

Tenga beware of secrets that you reveal in front of the children, they will not know how to keep them and they will count them.

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