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Advice from Irete Ofun: Odun where you can NOT live enslaved Be free!

Irete Ofun Odun

The horse was tamed by man in the Odun Irete Ofun, being enslaved forever.

In this odun, the man subdues the woman by dominating her, so Ifá recommends that he not let this type of abuse be committed with his person.

A reality that is manifested in the performance of household chores where the great burden of domestic activities falls on the woman.

In this letter the woman has to:

  • Be independent,
  • study a profession and
  • earn a salary that you can freely dispose of.

When Irete Ofun is the youngest of the siblings, she must achieve her independence, because if she does not, she will live under the shadow of her predecessors.

In this sign the religious cannot live together in other people's houses, he must become his own home.

You cannot be in a toxic relationship, where you are overshadowed and deprived of your freedom.

Do not build a family with someone who is extremely jealous or who you live with by imposing prohibitions on them.

Your ashé is intertwined with nature

Diseases to watch out for in this sign:

  • Scrotal hernia is one of the conditions suffered by men governed by the Irete Ofun odun.
  • Similarly, they will be prone to varicocele and other conditions related to the reproductive system.

The seedbed is Irete Ofun's secret herb.

With the leaves of this plant the religious prepares omieros for polishing baths and purification cleansings in his home.

Your ashé is intertwined with nature, specifically with plants, so orula recommends planting plants at home.

The osogbo of the religious in this sign is found in the parks

In this sign the osogbo of the religious is found in the parks, especially in those that are more traveled.

You cannot be assiduous to these places because in them you will find your doom.

Avoid driving down the street in the wee hours of the morning, because you will be prone to being robbed or getting a good scare.

Do not expose yourself to the serene so that the tormented lerí (head) does not feel.

Once you close the door of your house and get ready to sleep, do not get out of bed when you feel noises in the street, because when you go out to help you will end up suffering the arayés (problems) of the situation without having anything to do with it. with those involved in the matter.

  • Wear a white sleeping cap and with this action you will have a restful night free from nightmares and disturbances.

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