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Advice from Irete Ogunda: Obatalá changed the dog for the goose and lost

Go Ogunda

Go Ogunda marks the natural end of things, where organic matter begins to disintegrate.

This odun talks about the ephemerality of time that relentlessly attacks places and people, leaving in many of its onslaughts memories or faint traces of what was once important and is no longer so.

Retribution for good deeds is a must

In this sign orunmila He warns the religious about ingratitude, a defect that lives in the hearts of human beings, in which he must try not to participate.

Well, the retribution of good actions is more than an obligation, it is a necessity.

Do not listen to comments from third parties

Irete Ogunda marks disgust in the family as a result of a disputed property.

In this letter, pork meat is respected and fresh herbs are used to strip the house. 

This odun brings with it:

  • Gossip,
  • misunderstandings and
  • dislikes by third parties.

Don't clear up gossip and don't allow yourself to be involved in any kind of testimony.

Lies will set you and your family back

A person who usually tells lies lives with you.

Ifá recommends modify their behavior, because this way of being will harm in one way or another to everyone who lives under the same roof.

Do not cry misery, because you will be delayed more, do ebbó and meet Orunmila so that your life follows the correct course.

Ifá where care must be taken when exchanging the old for the new

In this Ifá Obatala He changed the dog for the goose and lost, because the dog was his trusted animal.

Instead, the goose was more beautiful, but only cared about its appearance leaving Baba's safety at its mercy.

Be careful with the changes you make in your life, especially those involving people, lest you be harmed by a false impression.

The person you helped yesterday is your enemy today

Irete Ogunda advises you to pay special attention to a person that you have helped repeatedly, because as a result of gossip and envy, you find yourself plotting a trap against you.

This person wants to harm you and has elements to do so.

Be careful with your words because not all people can be trusted with secrets, especially when betrayal tends to be the payoff.  

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