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Iroko and the secret of the roots of La Ceiba saved the world 【Pataki】

Iroko kapok

Iroko is the Orisha Related to desires, whether good or bad, it is also the protector of the traveler and is the spirit that lives in the root for some and for others in the foliage of the Ceiba.

That is why this tree is not cut down or burned and it is sacred to the Yorubas. To cut down one of those century-old trees, you have to consult a babalawo and ask for Iroko's permission.

Pataki: Iroko, Heaven and Earth

This Pataki says that when the world was formed, the sky and the Earth had a discussion to find out who was more powerful.

 The Earth said that she was older and more powerful than her sister the sky and reiterated that she was the base of everything, because without her the sky would crumble, because it would have no support. It explained that she had created all living things, and fed and maintained them, that is why she was the absolute owner.

Heaven refuted that in order for him to learn his lesson, he would leave and his punishment would be as great as his pride.

Saying this, the sky moved away and Iroko, the ceiba tree, worried, began to meditate in the midst of the great silence with its roots well sunk in the entrails.añas of the earth and its branches stretched out on high.

Iroko understood that harmony had disappeared, misfortunes were coming because until that moment, the sky had watched over the Earth so that heat and cold had benevolent effects.

But the enmity that was unleashed changed everything. It was not raining and a relentless sun scorched everything. All creatures suffered from the absence of heaven.

Iroko brings blessing to earth

With the march of the sky, all vegetation disappeared and only Iroko remained green and healthy because he had always revered the sky with its long branches.

Iroko gave instructions to the others who could penetrate the secret that was in his roots. Many were those who understood the magnitude of the offense and humbled and purified themselves at the foot of the ceiba, making prayers and sacrifices to heaven.

Finally Ara-Kolé (the tiny aura) managed to transmit the supplications of men to the sky, which was moved and caused great rains to descend on the Earth.

those who habitaban the earth were saved thanks to the refuge that Iroko offered them. Then it grew green again, although the happy days of the beginning of the world, when everything was peace and harmony, never returned.

Heaven was no longer an enemy, but it remained indifferent. And although Iroko saved the Earth, much was lost because of pride.

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