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Be careful what you ask of Iroko! The Orisha that lives in La Ceiba


Iroko is a major Orisha belonging to the Yoruba pantheon, he lives in the foliage of the ceiba tree and from there he watches over the earth and the sky to remain in peace.

He manifests himself as an elderly man who enjoys good health and is rich in patience, he is married to Abomán and his sister receives the name of Ondó.

What relationship does Iroko have with La Ceiba?

Iroko the ceiba
The ceiba is a sacred tree in the Yoruba religion

This Orisha fulfills the sacred mission of guarding the ceiba, the sacred tree of the Yoruba, while protecting the spirits that dwell within it.

From the top of the Ceiba, Iroko listens to the prayers of the believers and raises their requests to the ears of Baba and Olodumare, who must give their approval before the ceiba decides to bless the person who has frequented it.

For some religious houses, Iroko is related to the vicissitudes of the Orisha Obatala holy owner of all heads.

This deity is immolated at the feet of the ceiba with four-legged and feathered animals, although his favorite is the bull that has not yet procreated.

What does the ceiba mean for the religious?

The Congolese called the ceiba Munanso Nsambi during their rituals, the Yorubas baptized it Arabbá, in Fon it was recognized as Loko, while for Haitians it acquired the noun Papa Loko.

The ceiba tree is a sacred tree for the practitioners of the Yoruba religion, as it keeps many secrets and pacts of faith.

Since the beginning of time, the ceiba has witnessed many religious consecrations, which is why it is considered wise and is owed respect and devotion.

The trunk of the ceiba tree is considered Olofi's staff, so it is strictly prohibited to use it.añarlo.

How do you beg Iroko?

To beg Iroko, the santeros walk around the trunk of the ceiba tree carrying lighted candles.

They are also sacrificed:

  • roosters,
  • chickens,
  • ducks and
  • white guanajos.

Iroko is danced with a cane adorned with beads, this saint is asked to conceive.

When a promise is made, it must be fulfilled because this deity does not tolerate informality, a sin that severely punishes.

Iroko is the deity that drives towards the realization of good and bad things, so you must be careful with what you ask.

This saint protects the wanderers, to receive and worship him must be done through the mediation of Obatalá.

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