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What does Iroso Irete notice? Sign where the money is the I will and the osogbo

Iroso Irete Sign

Money is a source of iré, but also of osogbo For Iroso Irete, because through this the religious will have development, but it can be worked on by the enemy.

For this reason, in this odun of Ifá, money is not lent to anyone.

Iroso Irete for reasons that even the religious man does not know, draws attention where he is, for this reason people feel jealous of him and want to know the secret of his success.

If they offer you a pawned item, buy it that will bring you luck.

Odun where the religious must not lose faith

In this sign, the religious after a bad streak is encouraged to throw Orunmila away and by doing so he will lose:

  • Luck,
  • stability and
  • to health.

On this Ifá path marks hunger and misfortunes, stay centered and follow the advice provided by the great Oracle of Ifá so that you do not live the osogbos of the sign.

In Iroso Irete the protection of parents towards their children is born, where the family must seek for the little ones so that they do not distort their destiny.

The religious ruled by this sign has not been able to achieve everything that he has proposed in life and will see his wishes satisfied when he receives Orunmila in his life.

The candle was born in Iroso Irete

In this Ifá the candle was born and when the human being was burning Orula with a stick he took it out of his way and used the flames to defeat the enemies of his children.

Even though times are difficult, do not lose faith because calm will always return after the storm.

Do not carry large amounts of money with you because you may be robbed

It is prohibited in the Iroso Irete sign to carry large amounts of money with you, be careful not to suffer an assault when making the money you have visible in the public light.

You do not refuse to give help to anyone around you, but wait for the person affected to be the one who asks you.

Salvia is the sacred herb of the Iroso Irete sign

The sage in Iroso Irete will be of great use to the religious for the performance of ceremonies and even to calm ailments.

Elegguá is one of the Orishas that comes out in defense of Iroso Irete.

In this sign Eshú is placed behind the door of the house so that hexes are broken and luck enters.

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