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Ika Irosun Sign: Know the Councils, Taboos and their Sacred Herbs

irosun ika

Ifá where the lies come to light by the hands of young people, it marks conflicts and oppositions of ideas, robberies, and the product of these embarrassments and problems with justice.

In Ika Rosun, Iroso or Irosun, the family of the religious inherited a saint who is not cared for by anyone and as a result of this they cannot get ahead.

Fulfill the deity so that you can progress in life.

Corruption, losses and smuggling were born in Ika Irosun

Ika Rosun marks corruption and material losses, in this letter smuggling, deceptions and ties made by envy and unrequited love were born.

The individual is prohibited from having conversations in front of the children, as they will end up giving away their secrets.

These are the taboos of Ika Rosun

Avoid eating beef, cow's milk and green bananas, because with these elements Ika Rosun makes ebbó to get rid of osogbos.

The cow is the animal that represents it, in this sign it was born to enclose it inside the stable, therefore, the person can be a victim of overprotection even going to suffer imprisonment.

By this letter others live in the shadow of its benefits.

Ifá where marriage submitted the human being

Here the men did not work, becoming sedentary, so they began to suffer from necessities, then they married the women and pretended to live on them forever.

As a result, prosperity came to their lives, but they overshadowed the fate of their women who were plunged into slavery.

orunmila With this he warns of the danger posed by people who take this attitude, from whom the religious must withdraw in order not to be harmed. 

His enemies run the same blood through their veins

In Ika Rosun the older siblings are jealous of the younger ones, even seeing ghosts linked to family love and good fortune.

These, blinded by envy, can put obstacles to their own relatives so that they do not achieve their goals.

Never mistreat the little ones in the house, educate them by example and through conversations, avoid blows, because receiving them does not learn.

The sacred herbs that save Ika Rosun

The sacred herbs of the sign are:

  • The Alacrancillo,
  • the Algarrobo,
  • the Copey and the
  • Male handle.

Plants that are used to carry out polishing baths and ritual cleanings, and are very effective in attracting good fortune and money.

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