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The Iruke of Obatalá to clear negativity

Iruke by Obatalá

Obatala He is the eldest Orisha of the Osha, he is the father of all children on earth and the creator of human beings and of everything that hasabita in the planet.

Its representation is in the white color as a symbol of peace and purity and in white metals, especially silver.

And one of his white symbols is very present in his dance, because when Obatalá comes down, he cleanses those around him with his iruke.

What is the Iruke?

El iruke from Obatalá It is a mule or cow tail, preferably white or golden, that is consecrated to cleanse and strip bad influences and energies, also an attribute of other Orishas such as Oyá.

When the Omo (son) of the Orisha is going through difficult times, doing spiritual cleansing with the Iruke favors the Ashe of the Orisha.

The patakí of the Iruke of Obatalá

Legend has it that there was a time of great shortage of coconuts, and Obatalá needed to get three to beg for his head.

MajáHe knew it and went to the path that Obatalá always passed by. He put them there and stopped to wait for the orisha hoping that he would help him.

Upon finding them, Obatalá was very happy and told Majá that would give him the grace he asked for.

Majá He then told him that he could not eat because he had no teeth, and as he crawled, it was very difficult for him to hunt.

Then Obatalá took two pins and put them on Majá like teeth and told him that he could eat anything that was within reach of his mouth.

Turning to leave, one of his retinue, Deer, lost his companion.añabefore Iruke, because he had fallen to the ground. Obatalá warned him that he would never go back along the path he had already traveled, so Iruke was left on the ground.

That's why Deer doesn't have a tail, because Iruke was eaten by Majá.

The Iruke and his consecration

El iruke It is also known as the Obatalá's tail, and is used to clean the box of the deceased Iworo or Oluo, but for this it must be well consecrated by specialized priests.

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