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Irukes of Obatalá, Orula and Oyá, symbols of power of the Orishas


El iruke It is a symbol of power that is made using the hair of an animal, such as a horse or a cow, depending on the deity.

This sacred attribute is worn by some of the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon to dominate the elements of nature, to cleanse bad energies or to reaffirm their power.

The Iruke of Obatalá, to cleanse dark energies

Obatala He is the oldest Orisha of the Osha, considered the wise old man, the father of all children on earth and the creator of human beings and of everything that hasabita in the planet.

Its representation is in the white color as a symbol of peace and purity and in white metals, especially silver. And one of its white symbols is su iruke.

El iruke from Obatalá It is a tail of a mule or cow, preferably white or gold, that is consecrated to clean the santero.

He uses it mainly in his dance, because when he comes down, he dances taking light steps, whispering and cleaning those around him of bad energies with his iruke.

El iruke It is also known as the Rabo de Obatalá, and is used to clean the box of the deceased Iworo or Oluo.

It is clarified that for it to fulfill this function correctly, the instrument must be well consecrated by specialized priests.

The Iruke of Oyá, to dominate spirits

Oyá She is the warrior goddess, owner of tornadoes, sparks and waterspouts. It is the one that provides us with oxygen to breathe, helping life on earth.

Death goddess, who lives at the door of the cemeteries and dominates the eggun, and is the mother of 9 spirits.

Its representation is in the color black like the darkness of the night, and although it is represented by means of an object made of metal in the form of lightning or electric discharge, when it comes down it carries a horsetail or iruke, symbol of authority and domination.

the gun of Oyá is  Black iruke, a hair stick made from a horse's tail, tied to a wooden or metal bone end.

With this weapon she dominates the Eggunes. The Iruke's Oyá It is used in the ceremonies of invocation to spirits, as a symbol of the goddess who represents them.

The Iruke of Orula, symbol of divination

orunmila He is the Orisha of wisdom, reason, and good decisions. He is the great benefactor of humanity, the one who guides the way, the chief advisor to mortals on earth.

It is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle and reveals the present, the past and the future through the secret of Ifá.

Orula represents wisdom, intelligence, mischief and cunning and has the knowledge of the secret things of human beings and nature.

El Iruke of Orula and the Guardian Angel of a person, it can be a horse, a bull or a mule.

Su iruke he consecrates himself to be the instrument of the babalawo in his daily work, a divinatory symbol and with which the consultations are carried out.

He too Iruke of the Fortune Teller It is used to cleanse bad energies and ward off curses.

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