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Meaning and power of the Irunmoles «Spiritualities of Ifá»

The irunmole meaning

The Irunmoles They are celestial beings closely linked to Ifá, they obtain their energy and spiritual strength through nature as this is their source of materialization and development.

These supreme deities of the Yoruba Religion embody in one way or another the five natural elements which are:

  • Water,
  • the air,
  • the land,
  • the fire and
  • the ether or spirit.

Abata materializes through the earth.

abba orisha

Abata the deity that emerged from the swamps is one of the Irunmoles of Olodumare.

This symbolizes the earth, medicine and wisdom, so its animal representation is carried out through the figure of the majá.

The water cradles Agganá, Egbe, Osará and Oloná.

Water element spiritual meaning

Aggana, The rain:

Through the fall of the rain materializes the arrival to the land of Aggana, who has among his responsibilities the virtue of refreshing the soil and making the crops fertile.

Egbe in the stagnant waters:

The water coming from the jars, aqueducts and other places where there are no currents, is blessed by Egbe who transmits from this health and spiritual peace.

Dare at the waterfalls and falls:

Dare It is the deity of waterfalls, sprouts of water where currents are manifested.

These are a source of spiritual and physical healing, as many of its waters have medicinal properties and anti-stress effects.

Oloná and its lakes:

Olona it extends over the earth's surface through lakes, sources of life and water that house great and deep secrets.

At the beginning of time, man believed that certain lakes bestowed virtues such as immortality and eternal youth.

The spirit and its union with the Irunmoles.

Drums añá

Aña and the Batá drums:

Aña it embodies the percussion and music that sprouts when striking the leather of the Bata drums, a sound that claims its presence on earth.

This deity is closely related to the joy and willpower that drives humans to fight for life and the fulfillment of dreams.

Osí provides protection:

The Irunmol of protection is Osi, this is manifested through the instincts present in every living being that hasabita the earth.

In turn, he identifies with continuity and legacy.

Ikokó and aquatic plants:

Ikokó represents aquatic plants and the power of life that arises and manifests itself through the four natural elements: air, wind, water and fire.

His arrival on earth magnifies the spirit and is related to periods of abundance.

The power of the wind in the hands of Fride and Poolo

Fride and Poolo relate to music.

  • The first is associated with string instruments,
  • the second materializes those who produce sounds through the wind, indistinctly providing joy and comfort.

The fire and the desert represent Elusú.

Elusu It is the Irunmol that reaches the earth moving the sands, each fine grain of this element is an extension of its own being.

He immortalizes the changes and fortune that sometimes smiles and sometimes turns his back.

This spirituality is related to the fire and warmth of the sun.

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