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Do you know the Irunmoles that represent the celestial space?


The spiritual and sometimes materialized manifestations of nature with which we live and establish close contact are known in the Yoruba Religion under the name of Irunmoles.

Ifá's own spiritualities What do the Irunmoles represent for Ifá?

The Irunmoles are the representation of the celestial powers that are linked to the Sacred Rule of Ifá.

These supreme entities are omnipresent in the celestial firmament alongside the image of the Creator to make collegial decisions, many of which involve the human race and its descendants.

How did the Irunmoles come to Earth?

The pataki relates that at the beginning of time Olodumare sent his 401 Irunmoles to earth, with only one female presence among so many men.

This in order to fulfill tasks specifically related to the creation of the world as we know it today.

Irawó, Orirawó, Oshupá and Agbá Lodé represent the celestial space

Irunmoles of celestial space

The Irunmoles that represent the celestial space are:

  • irawó,
  • Orirawo,
  • Oshupá and
  • Agba Lodé

These entities become very important when manifested through unknown phenomena or that have few responses to the curiosity of the human being, but that despite this have been the reason for centuries of study and devotion by this.

The ancient civilizations had different ways to name their deities, having as a common point the same space to locate them, this site being called heaven.

Perhaps they did it at first in order to place them as superior beings, the truth is that heaven has been a source of controversy historically because man believes that this is the correct place to which good souls attend after completing their pilgrimage through the terrestrial world.

Irawó and the stars

Irawó manifests itself through the stars, celestial bodies that help to create landscapes and leave hidden messages for humanity.

Contact is made with this deity through the stars.

Orirawó and the comets

For its part, it is intertwined with Irawó because this is the Irunmole of comets, to which man has historically asked wishes.

Since ancient times the presence of comets in the sky symbolized good fortune.

Oshupá and the moon

It represents the moon, a star that changes shape, evidencing the arrival of new cycles and with these new opportunities and hopes.

Agbá Lodé and infinite space

It is the Irunmol that is identified with the infinity of space, this in turn represents:

  • Human thought,
  • imagination and
  • the intelligence.

Because they are infinitely deep fields and unknown to man.

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