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Prayer to ask Isis for benefits: Great Goddess of love and fertility

Isis goddess of love

Isis is the name with which the Greeks baptized to a goddess from Egyptian mythology.

This in its country of origin was baptized as Ast, a noun that was translated into Spanish as throne.

Isis received denominations in which she was baptized as a great sorceress, she was known as an exceptionally wise and intelligent goddess.

To which the gift of preserving motherhood and watching over the birth of children was attributed.

This goddess was invoked through her prayer through which requests were made and protection was requested.

That thisl knot of the Goddess Isis?

Left: The symbol of the Knot of Isis

The knot of Isis is a symbol It was used for many years in ancient Egypt in costumes, in temples and as ornaments and amulets in order to achieve the protection of the Mother Goddess.

The Egyptians considered that the knots had magical powers so this symbol was revered as a show of power and esotericism.

  • He also called Isis blood it was considered at one point as a funerary amulet, made from red stone.

This represented the resurrection and the passage to eternal life, this was tied around the neck of the deceased or placed on the chest of the mummies so that they could undertake a safe journey to the afterlife.

The powerful Isis and religious syncretism with her figure.

The continuous invasion that ancient Egypt suffered and the power struggle from various regions bañawashed down by the Nile induced the gods to be syncretized with deities belonging to other religious cults.

The image of Isis was not immune to this phenomenon since her condition as a mother was directly related to the figure of the Virgin Mary.

While in southern Africa the Yoruba cultures rooted the same precept of mistress of motherhood, beauty and fertility to Oshún, the black Venus of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Years later, the image of the goddess Isis was spread throughout the world, eventually building temples for her worship in various parts of the world.

Prayer to the divine Mother Isis

Oh Isis! Mother of the cosmos, root of love, trunk, bud, leaf, flower

And the seed of everything that exists.

We conjure you naturalizing force.

We call the queen of space and night, and kissing her eyes

Loving, drinking the dew from her lips, breathing in the sweet scent of

Her body, we exclaim: Oh Nuit! You eternal deity of heaven,

You are the primordial soul, you are what was and what will be.

Isis, to whom no mortal has lifted the veil, when you are under

The radiant stars of the night and deep desert sky, with

Purity of the heart and in the flame of the serpent, we call you! RAM-IO; RAM-IO; RAM-IO

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