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El Ituto: Last goodbye for those consecrated in the Yoruba religion


In the practice of Yoruba religion there is an unbreakable link between the material world and the spiritual world. It is believed that these planes act as a complement in the resolution of the vicissitudes of destiny.

Among the devotees the belief of reincarnation and of the previous encounter with the ancestors is established once the gates of heaven are crossed.

The Ituto is the most important and oldest funerary rite that exists in the Yoruba Pantheon, this ceremony takes place from the death of the person, which can be extended until the moment the corpse is buried.

What you should know about the sacred Ituto ceremony

This ceremony is subject to religious secrets which must be safeguarded because in this way it contributes to the non-profanation of religion.

It constitutes a solemn act of farewell; few consecrated persons participate in this cult out of respect for the family's pain and for the intimacy required to carry out this ritual.

What is the main purpose of this ritual?

Through the Osha and other Yoruba religious ceremonies, the initiate acquires a new life, in this second birth he acquires religious powers that are assigned to him to accompany him as he passes through the earthly plane.

Once their mission on Earth has been fulfilled, those powers must decide whether to stay in the world of the living to continue their mission guiding another family member or whether to accompany them.añan the deceased to the land of the dead.

When the purpose of the magical-religious attributes is investigated, the place where they wish to be deposited is determined, these sites can vary from a mountainaña, the river and even the ocean, if they were inherited by another religious, they are immediately handed over to him so that he can take them home where they will finish fulfilling their functions.

The Ituto frees the soul from matter and its terrestrial ties

The Ituto for the santeros and minor religious is directed by an Obba who is a major of the Osha, in the event that the deceased is an Ifá priest, the Babalawos must take charge of a large part of this ceremony.

It is essential that the deceased wears his ceremonial Osha costume because it is tradition that with this garment he makes his journey to the afterlife. In the event that this piece does not serve him, it is deposited inside the funeral box and the matter is dressed in light clothing.

It is believed that the soul of the deceased needs nine days to ascend to heaven, a chronology that begins once the Ituto is finished and ends on the day of breakfast.

In the period of time that elapses until the ninth day is completed, the novenary is prayed to the spirit.

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