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Orunmila says that if the Awo Iwori Obara gets upset he will lose the war

Iwori Obara

The religious ruled under the sign Iwori Obara sins for having a good heart.

Malicious people take advantage of this to take advantage of your person, committing you with favors that they know that out of pain you will not oppose to perform.

You are obligated to learn to say no and you must put your family first before everyone else.

The rules in your house are dictated by you, never let any stranger want to impose laws in your home.

The people who live with you under your roof are committed to respecting your word.

Elegguá tired of the enemies covered his house with pica pica

In this sign Eleggua Tired of the enemies bothering the priest, he covered his house with a pike so that when they approached the house they would have to run away.

Through this odun the person possesses the gifts of a healer and works with Ozain.

Stilts were born in Iwori Obara, instruments with which Orunmila managed to get out of the swamp where his enemies had locked him up.

If the person who gets this sign when registering with Orula is a woman, they are instructed to wear high-heeled shoes.

You were born to work the spiritual field

Ifá recommends you receive Inle and Abata, saints who represent the doctor and the nurse in the rule of Osha, so that health comes into your life and never leaves. 

In this sign the religious feels chills when the spirits approach him.

You were born to work in the spiritual field so Orunmila recommends that you sit in the vault of your house more often and say a few prayers.

You must make decisions using more mischief than intelligence

For the religious in this sign to win his battles, he must keep his head prayed and wear the necklace of Shango.

Ifá says that you must make decisions using more mischief than intelligence, because being a noble person the opportunists you are surrounded by interfere in your verdict to benefit.

You will be presented with a very big obstacle in your way, to overcome this problem you must take refuge in Elegguá, who will be in charge of calming the situation until it has been canceled.

Be grateful to Eshú

This Orisha is the protector of you and your loved ones. Put:

  • Schnapps,
  • cigars and
  • sacrifice a chicken to him.

Orunmila says: If Awo Iwori Obara gets upset he will lose the war

Jealousy is born in this sign, mainly among children, who fight for the affection of their parents.

Never make differences between your descendants so that this does not happen and they grow in harmony.

Orunmila says that whoever bothers Iwori Obara will lose the war, no matter how hard people want to get you out of their minds, don't leave them and try to remain calm and composed.

For each offense that they say to you, breathe and smile and turn a deaf ear to the infamies pronounced and in this way the enemy will remain like a lunatic before the world.

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