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Who are the Iworos in the Rule of Osha? Guide and spiritual reference


The Iworos They are spiritual guides in the Yoruba religion, those who advise and advise other devotees and religious to walk the paths of faith.

En the Rule of the Ocha or SanteriaAn Iworo is a priest, a religious who has grown spiritually, who has studied and trained within the Yoruba cults, traditions and ceremonies.

Through this evolutionary process of growth and wisdom, the Iworo little by little becomes a reference figure for his religious community and guide among the younger followers.

The Iworo has the power within the Yoruba hierarchy to perform certain rituals and ceremonies, invoke and assist the spirits, in addition to interpreting the sacred Oracle of the Coconut thanks to its preparation and wisdom.

Olosha is not the same as Iworos What is the difference?

Within the Yoruba religion there is some confusion between the terms Olosha and Iworo. However, they encompass different meanings and characteristics.

The Olosha:

The Olosha is a person who has completed his Iyawó cycle, that is, an initiate in the Yoruba religion, is ready to be a priest and can interpret the Oracle of Dilogún.

In this case the term Iworo is also used as Olosha.

The Iworos:

The difference between the two terms is that the Olosha, despite having the same preparation as the Iworo, has not consecrated anyone in Osha yet, that is, it has no godchildren.

The Iworo, to be understood as such, must have godchildren consecrated in religion. Must be godmother or godfather.

The Iworo, guide on the new religious path

Then, the Iworo, also called santero, because as it is popularly known "he has become a saint" with all that this implies, after going through the Kariocha ceremony and after the Ebbó, and having consecrated an initiate, can be qualified as such among religious people.

An Iworo also has the competence to beg head, handle the coconut oracle, and participate in other religious ceremonies.

And by being the godmother or godfather of the initiates, she carries the great responsibility of guiding them along the new religious path.

Within spiritism, Iworos can also connect with spirits and people who have passed away as guides or ancestors.

Religious greeting in Santeria

In the Yoruba religion, religious people can greet each other in a certain way:

  • If you wave with your right hand it means that he is in your heart.
  • If you have your left arm on your right shoulder, you are safe and blessed.

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