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What does Iya Nla mean? The ancient energy of the Yoruba Pantheon

iya nla

Since ancient times, man has dedicated his life to the study of religious customs and traditions in order to bring together as many experiences as possible so that future offspring are nourished by the saints and Ifa ceremonies in their pure essence.

Being precisely our religious ancestors those who when taking their spiritual form decided to belong to the supernatural and invisible forces of Mother Nature, acquiring very different names in each language and culture.

This astral force is precisely what helps to distinguish the characteristics and influences of beliefs on the person, invoking the power of Iya Nla, the name under which the ancestral energy that springs from the study of life is known. Yoruba religion.

Iya Nla, religious harmony reflected in the vital energy of nature

The superior force that allows the believer to live in a balanced cycle is called iya nla, it treasures the energetic harmony of all living beings and the deepest secrets of the Yoruba religion.  

It is necessary for the religious to know that Iya Nla itself is not considered an Orisha but a strong pillar of the Yoruba Religion, since it is the existential form that guarantees that the knowledge of this branch does not stagnate or extinguish, but rather continues reproducing itself in an unalterable way from generation to generation.

The attributes, forms of adoration, worship and search of this ancestral aspect are closely related to its ability to positively or negatively influence the destiny of human beings.

What is Iya Nla?

iya nla is the energy capable of creating life ensuring balance on the planet, it is endowed under the millenary teachings of the mystical secrets of Osha, which are in charge of establishing a new order every day allowing the emergence of causes, effects and the changes.

Through his knowledge, Iya Nla is able to modify destiny in the same way that he reverses hexes naturally, this force is able to directly invoke the divine justice of Olodumare.

This energy provides special protection to women and motherhood, because it is described and considered as a source of life, it is believed that it deposits part of its strength in the mother's womb, magically favoring the arrival of the newborn into the world.


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