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Who are the "Iyanifá women" and what is their religious significance?


The consecration process of a woman in Ifá it receives the name of Iyanifá.

This is a ceremony that causes great controversy in the religious world, this rite is also known under the name of Itelegán.

It should be noted that for the Osha-Ifá cult in Cuba This ceremony is worthless and is not practiced, not in many places on the African continent where the performance of this cult is allowed.

The Afro Cuban tradition It states that it is expressly taboo the fact that the woman is in the direct presence of the Orisha Odu, Orisha who must be present at the consecrations made by the Babalawos or Priests of Ifá.

The consecration in Iyanifá and its similarities with other religions.

Iyanifá women

Seven days of consecration:

Little is known about these sacred consecrations, what is clear is the duration of the consecration that takes place in seven days, like the Osha ceremony.

This being the time that Olodumare required to create the world, the same time that marks the Holy Bible in the Catholic religion that God used in the modeling of the universe.

So we can conclude that seven is a representative number for religion and power.

The religious wears white:

Another piece of information that can be obtained and is a coincidence in other religious cults, is the need for the initiate to wear white during the performance of these ceremonies, as a symbol of birth, peace and spiritual purity.

In the same way that the worship of deities and the obtaining of power through them is considered.

What powers does the Iyanifá woman possess?

The main power or gift that the Iyanifá woman possesses is the power to study the odunes present in this sacred rule.

They are connoisseurs of natural and traditional medicine in the same way that they treasure the properties of Osain herbs.

They are able to carry out the consultation through Opele Ifá at the same time that they are empowered to help in certain ceremonies and rituals such as performing sacrifices to the Orishas and invocations.

Do you know the steps to consecrate yourself in Iyanifá?

  1. To be consecrated in Iyanifá it is necessary to have received the crown of orunmila.
  2. As a second rule, it is necessary that Orunmila not establish any impediment in which the woman is initiated into the Ifá cult.
  3. Being the consultation with the great oracle the ideal moment to ask the question and later put into practice the consecration ceremonies, which are secret.

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