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What is the Iyaworaje? The Initiation of the Santero in the Osha

Iyaworaje What is

The Iyaworaje is a stage in which the initiate in the rule of Osha will change many things in his life, in order to improve and grow as a person and spiritually.

He will be subject to a period of adaptation where he will gradually settle his saint, a cycle in which he will learn to live under the advice of his guardian angel and other Orishas.

The iyawó he is considered a neonate so he must be protected by his elders, he is exposed to hexes and osogbos (negative energies) during his first year of life as an initiate in Osha.

Crowning the saint requires sacrifice on the part of the religious, these prohibitions in the long run are rewarded with peace and tranquility, ireses (positive energies) that are to be found in the ceremonial room.

The Iyaworaje in the Osha Rule:

The initiation of the santero begins with the coronation of the Osha, from which point it is considered an iyawó.

This process of transition in the life of the religious brings with it many tests on the part of the Orishas which takes place during twelve months and seven days receiving the name of Iyaworaje.

How is the Iyawó dressed?

The rules of the Iyaworaje take effect from the moment the initiate steps on the saint's room, during this period the young santero must wear white, it is necessary to keep his head covered.

The iyawó must permanently wear stockings and intimate clothing, in the case of the man, he will always wear a shirt under his other tunics, if the initiate is a woman he must wear a skirt, pantyhose, lycra, bodice and shawl, in addition to the clothing that use daily.

The use of clothing that excessively shows the body is not allowed, the initiate will always wear his necklaces and will cover himself from the sun with an umbrella.

As the time of the Iyaworaje progresses and religious ceremonies are performed, the young santero is allowed to gradually leave behind the shawl, pantyhose, necklaces and head covering.

Compliance with the advice of Itá

The Itá is a ceremony related to the Osha in which the initiate receives advice from the Orishas in order to improve their style and quality of life.

Its fulfillment is beneficial for the iyawó since they free it from osogbos that may appear throughout its earthly existence.

This hard year requires discipline and faith, as it is the basis of the future religious life of the santero, a well-worn Iyaworaje brings blessings and prosperity.

It will allow the initiate to gain respect before his Orishas who will take sides for him as long as he behaves appropriately.

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