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The Soap is the sacred herb of Ogbe Osa «The one that saved Olofi»

Soap in Ogbe Osa

Ogbe Osa was traveling various lands of the world in search of perfecting his knowledge of herbs and natural medicine, until he reached the kingdom of Constitution.

In this place of singular beauty, he decided to settle before continuing his adventures.

Pataki where Olofi receives healing thanks to the properties of a plant

Upon reaching this, he realized that the Orisha was ill, suffering from intense eye and testicular pain that did not relieve anything.

He himself had been treated by many healers without success.

And already tired of them trying all kinds of remedies on his person, he had the demand that the next doctor who came to cure him if he was wrong in his performance would cost him his life, offering on the other hand wealth and possessions to whoever did manage to save him. .

Ogbe Osa was sleeping peacefully under a tree, suddenly his rest was disturbed by the song of some birds that proclaimed the properties of Soap to cure ailments.

The birds even suggested to Ogbe Osa that he use the leaves of this tree to treat Olofin.

Ogbe Osa prepares to heal Olofi with the benefits of Soap

The healer analyzed the suggestion he had received and began to collect the Jaboncillo leaves in order to prepare an ointment to treat Olofin.

Once the preparation was ready, Ogbe Osa walked to the palace fearful for his life, but thinking of all the goods he would obtain if he eradicated the Orisha's ailment.

After explaining his intentions, Olofin's guardians let him into the bedroom.

The Orisha explained to the healer again the terms that he had ruled so that later there would be no regrets, to which Ogbe Osa agreed.

The Supreme rewards the healer If we do good, Olofin will give us his blessing!

Several days after the treatment with the Soap, Olofin recovered completely from his condition, so that Ogbe Osa was worthy of all the luxuries and riches that Orisha had promised him.

And this, who was satisfied with the work of the healer, fully fulfilled what was promised.

Olofin crowned him king in lands close to his where he was endowed with a great fortune.

Ogbe Osa was a good king for his people who dedicated himself to promoting the importance of the study of medicinal herbs.

In this kingdom he lived the rest of his existence, managing to form a happy and numerous family, which was always provided with the direct blessing of Olofin.

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